Got my glasses yesterday!

I have had a pretty bad cold several days (almost all the week). But I was called to come and work on Monday and Thursday. So I did that.

I missed the last Italian lesson… Oh well. I have the school book, so I can read it myself.

Yesterday after work I went to pick up my glasses and sunglasses. 🙂 I have not had a chance to try my sunglasses yet, because there is no sun… Right now lots of snow comes down from the sky! The winter came back!

I’ll bake some muffins after dinner and tonight I will watch a movie that I have borrowed from the library.

First snow of the season! :D

Last night it started snowing and it snowed pretty much during the night. 🙂 In other parts of the country there has been lots of snow for several days, but to Vasa it came late. There has been some white on the ground lately, but I would not call it first snow of the season. It was more like frost of the dead leaves and the grass. Now the whole ground is covered.

Of course, it will only last for a few days. They are expecting rain for next week. But it’s still nice with the first snow.

Here are some random pictures I took of the snow. Click on the images to enlarge them.

I got the sun in the eyes when I took pictures in one direction, so I just randomly clicked on the camera. When I took pictures from the other side, with the sun in the back, I could more easily see what I took pictures of.

I got the 2017 calendar yesterday. 🙂 Mum got her on the same day.

My old winter shoes had big holes on the soles. 😦 It was a little slippery to walk to town with the autumn shoes. I always have problems finding shoes. I need children’s size. I went to some shops the other day but didn’t find any. Today I bought these (I borrowed the image from Google…)


I saw them on Wednesday. I didn’t try them on, because I thought they were too childish. They are very common for Finnish kids. But mum said they were for adults too and that she might get a pair for herself. So I tried them on today and they were really comfortable and warm.

It doesn’t look so childish when I put the jeans on top of them. And they are of course very easy to put on. No shoe laces to tie. Just slip the foot in like a rain boot. I can use a pair of knitted socks in them when it’s really cold. 🙂

Finally, a picture of the cat:


He hates the camera and usually walks away when he sees it. Today he was lying in his transport box (his favorite place) and I took this picture of him. I think he looks cute in this picture. I like close ups. In the calendar for 2017 there is an image of the cat’s nose and a few whiskers I think.

Well, I’m going to watch the second free practice session now, from Brazil. F1 that is.

Independence Day



Happy 97th Birthday to Finland! 😀

It rained pretty much earlier in the day, but now the sun is shining. Well, it will soon be sunset but at least there are not many clouds in the sky anymore.

Going to bake some ginger breads with Alec in a while, once the frozen dough has softened. I might go to the market square at 5 pm to listen to the male choirs singing at the statue. But I am not yet 100 % sure I will go. We’ll see.

I went to a christmas market at a school earlier in the day. But it was cold and rainy and windy when I went there with the bicycle so at the moment I don’t really feel like going outside again, standing around 30 minutes on a dark, cold market square. But I usually go to the market square, so may be I change my mind when the gingerbreads are done.

The picture of the lion is old. The picture of the candles is from last year. It’s tradition to have two white-blue candles in the window between 6 and 7 pm. We’ll have it this year too. Apparently there was some snow last year (it looks like snow on the window). There’s not a single snow flake on the ground this year…

I remember one year when there was huge piles of snow on the independence day. When I was young we got snow in October or November and it stayed until March or April. Now it’s snowing a few days now and then and the snow melts after one or a few days. We are lucky if we get snow on Christmas… Global warming? I miss the cold winters with lots of snow for months… 😦

Cold and snowy

Cold and snowy

I really didn’t think I would need my winter coat in April. But apparently I did… It’s +0 C at the moment. Last night there came some heavy snow (which is almost completely melted now), but it feels really cold outside. Definitely more like winter than spring. The sun is shining a little bit, but no warmth comes from the sun. 😦

Niki looked so cute yesterday when he was sleeping on my couch. 😀

This morning I finished reading James Bowen’s “The world according to Bob”. 🙂 Very cute story! You should read it if you haven’t already read it. The first book “A street cat named Bob” is available in around 30 different languages. I am sure they will translate the second book into just as many languages too.

I read 11 books in March. Theodore Boone, a crime story, two books with crime novellas (short stories), and some books with 150-160 pages. A couple of books for young people too.

So I have one book read in April now. Reading the third TB book at the moment. Also have borrowed some crime stories from the library, so I will start reading those in April too.

A bit annoying with all the April’s fool jokes on the Internet and in newspapers. Luckily it’s only one day of the year…

I went to buy a new table cloth for the kitchen table today. As usual we have table cloths made of wax, because they are so simple to wipe clean. The one I chose is beige and have some different kinds of flowers and unreadable text on it.

The old table cloth mum will put on the balcony table later, when it’s warm enough to sit on the balcony.

Got some yarn in the mail today! 😀 Also got a crochet hook and instructions on how to crochet a large elk! 🙂 So I have started with the head already. But it’s a bit tricky with the very thick yarn. Will post a photo whenever it is ready.

The winter is back :(

Damn it! I don’t want the winter to return! 😦 I want spring! But it has been snowing all night and the ground is completely covered in snow now… It’s still snowing a bit and the winds are, of course, pretty strong. I had put my winter jacket and winter shoes away. Guess I will have to take them out of the closet again.

30 minutes until the start of the Australian GP! 😀 But it’s gonna be a long, difficult, hard race for Kimi and the others. Even worse if it will rain. Interesting to see in any case. Hope lots will happen.