Movie night

I went to the cinema tonight to watch La La Land. I had not watched the trailer before. The only things I knew about the movie were whatever they said or showed on the Academy Awards, which I watched live between 3.30 am and 7 am.

It got six Oscars, and I am sure it deserves it. But honestly, it was boring at times. And the story itself was a bit weird with the woman thinking how her life would have been if she had stayed with the musician.

Sure, the dancing and most songs were really good and the movie was made in a good way. 🙂 But I don’t think I will get in on DVD. May be when the DVDs are lowered to cost 5-10 euros, but not as soon as it comes out. It’s a good movie, but for me it was just a good movie. I have seen many more movies that I enjoyed much more. And where I didn’t yawn…

Lots of wet snow when I walked home from the cinema.

Very wet snow

I went to the beading class tonight. But when I went there, it was raining and the winds were strong. So it was no fun riding the bicycle. As I went home, there were lots of very wet snow. I had to walk with the bicycle, because the snow on the streets was really soft and slushy.

Got a new lamp in the ceiling today. 🙂 There was something wrong with the previous lamp which I got from my sister’s mother-in-law when she died a few years ago. The light bulbs went one after the other, although they should last for a very long time. My brother-in-law said it was something from with the lamp.

So I went to town the other day (Wednesday) and got a similar lamp. It’s like a glass plate upside down with three light bulbs inside. My brother came to fasten it to the ceiling today when I was at the beading class. It was a bright light in my room when I got home. The last week I had only one of three light bulbs burning in the old lamp, so it was quite dark in the room.

It’s getting late, but I am no tired at all. I might watch an episode of Numb3rs on DVD.