The wedding

So, I watched the wedding basically from 4 pm to 8 pm. Then I watched the qualifying, but kept looking at the wedding while nothing interesting happened in Montreal.

The dress was gorgeous! Fantastic! 😀 And the entrance was fantastic too, with the children singing. Her flowers… Well, I would have thrown in a few brightly colored flowers in there. I mean, it was beautiful, but nothing extraordinary. A little pink or purple would have been fine too. 

Cute little princess Estelle was adorable! 🙂 She even got her own chair, which was basically a mini-version of the other chairs! 😀 But of course, a 1-year old don’t want to kindly sit still in a chair for an hour. She mostly sat in her parents’ laps. Once, when Victoria talked in front of the bride and groom, Estelle escaped and walked towards her mum. Dad grabbed her and mum laughed.

The groom, Chris, was quite emotional. Several times he had to fight against the tears. 😦 At the same time the bride, Madeleine, was cool as a cucumber. Not much emotions, except happiness. 

Great that they had the folk music in the end of the ceremony when they walked out. And so cute that Daniel taught Estelle how to send blow kisses when the bride and the groom reentered the palace, after having been outside to greet the tourists and everyone else waiting outside the palace.

Ok, the qualifying… Damn it! Vettel once again on pole position, Kimi far behind on P 11. 😦 Kimi got a penalty and dropped two positions back from 9th, which he was after the qualifying. Valtteri Bottas P 3… That was a HUGE surprise! 😀 But I don’t think he can keep his third place in the race.

I hope there will be sun and high temperatures at least. That can save Kimi, but he will have a long, difficult race… If it’s cold and rainy, Kimi might get a few points.

Kimi’s team mate Grosjean… Come on! 18th in the qualifying, but got the penalty from the Monaco crash, so he will start from P 22… Last man on the grid. Honestly, how much longer is Lotus going to keep supporting him? 


Princess wedding! :D

Looking forward to watching the princess wedding in a few hours! 😀 Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neill are getting married today. 🙂 Congratulations to both!

Very interesting to see the wedding dress from Valentino Garavani. Also waiting to see the flowers. Apparently they will use a lot of pink flowers.

Before that I am going to eat chicken and rice.

A pretty warm day. Ate an ice cream on the market square, with mum, grand mum and Alec. Then we went to grand mum’s apartment, which is very close to the market square. Mum is there almost every Saturday. I usually don’t go, but today I went there too.

Formula 1 in Canada this weekend… Hope it’s sunny rather than rainy. Don’t think I’m going to watch the free practice this afternoon because of the wedding. But I’m sure I’ll watch the qualifying when ever that comes. Around 9 pm I think.