Umeå, Sweden

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It was a long day on Friday when I took the passenger ship (in the 4th picture) to Sweden. One trip lasts four and a half hours and we started at 9 am. Already shortly after 8 am I was at the harbor waiting to get on board. I had to take a taxi there because the buses don’t drive to the harbor as they did earlier.

I spent my time on the ship reading, cross stitching and solving cross words. 🙂 I also visited the little shop they have on the ship and I eat meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingon berry jam in the restaurant. I did see my brother a few times during the trip and going back in the evening. I went outside on the sun deck and took a few picture of the water and the sun (1st picture). At one point that was all you could see… Water and sky!

The bus took me from Holmsund (where the ship stops) to Umeå in about 30 minutes. I got a little more than three hours walking around in the town. I went to some shops and eat at a restaurant. I also went down to the water that flows through the town. I found a statue of the founder (2nd picture). While waiting for the bus I went to a nearby park where they had small bridges, a little water and lots of flowers along a path (3rd picture). It was a park dedicated to the friend towns that Umeå has around the world. Vasa is actually one of Umeå’s friend towns.

It was pretty warm and a little cloudy. I think it was around +17 Celsius degrees. It was on the edge – should I or should I not take the jacket off and walk around in my t-shirt… I kept the jacket on, because it took up so much space in my backpack. I did have it in my backpack earlier in the day on the ship.

The bus back to Holmsund left at 4.30 pm. They actually had one large bus and one mini bus (that took 20 people). I chose to go with the mini bus and we were much faster at the harbor than the others. I took the picture of the ship (4th picture) through the window while waiting to get on board. My feet were really tired and hurt while I waited for the entering of the ship in Holmsund. 😦

The trip back to Vasa I spent pretty much in the same way as earlier in the day. Reading, cross stitching, solving cross words. But I didn’t eat any food this time. The waves were higher in the evening and it felt while walking. I did not like the waves and at the open sea where the waves were the highest I did feel a little nausea. But I started feeling better when we got closer to Vasa where the waves are smaller.

A taxi was waiting for me when the ship arrived in Vasa. I was home at 20 minutes before midnight. 🙂


Going to Sweden tomorrow

I better go to bed now, at 10 pm. I have a long, long day tomorrow…

I have to take a taxi at 8 am and go to the harbor because the passenger ship leaves at 9 am. They used to have local buses driving there before the ship left and going back to town when the ship arrived. But they don’t drive those buses anymore, which is sad. It would be so much easier to take the local bus.

I will get a few hours in the Swedish town Umeå tomorrow before going back home. The ship arrives in a place called Holmsund and from there you have to take the bus (30-45 minutes) to Umeå.

I will spend a total of 9 hours of the boat tomorrow! So I hope the wind is not strong. I have a thick magazine full of crosswords and sudokus and word searches and things like that. So I have something to do. I might also take a book with me.

My brother I working, so may be I will see him in his fancy uniform… 😉

I will be home shortly before midnight tomorrow.

I am taking the camera with me, so I might post some pictures during the weekend.


Time to get some sleep. But I don’t think I will be able to sleep much. I’ve got the coughing and irritated/sore throat that mum has had for weeks (my aunt and grand mum has had it/has it too…) Great…

My throat feels dry like a desert and it gets worse when you cough. 

Laying down on the bed? Forget it! You have to sit in bed. (Lean against the wall with pillows behind your back and head.)

It was pretty sunny and warm early in the day, but then it began raining. The sun came back in the evening and I decided to go to a grocery store down the road (the one across the street was already closed). Bad idea… When I was in the store, the rain started pouring down badly… And I mean really badly! I had to wait outside the store under a little roof. Then I realized the bike saddle was soaking wet (because I didn’t have a plastic bag to put over it). And I was wearing my crocs! (Another bad idea…) I had to choose between sitting on the bike saddle and get my butt all wet and cold. Or walk with the bike and get my socks all wet and cold. I chose to walk and get the socks wet…

Mum and her friend went to his house in Sweden today. They left the house early in the morning, because the ship left at 8 am. I don’t know when she is coming back. But my nephew Jonas will get his confirmation in the church on July 20, so I suppose she (and may be he too) will come a day or two before that.

Guess I have to take care of my nephew Alec pretty much every day, just like I did today. He is not in daycare during the summer. But I will let my sister take care of him too, some days…

I have a head ache now (still only a bit of pain), and I just sneezed three times in a row! I better take some flu powder before I go to bed. And bring a big glass of water to put on the bookshelf next to the bed. Because I am going to need a lot of water tonight when I start coughing… I guess I am having a summer cold.

Boat trip abroad tomorrow! :)

I am leaving the country tomorrow, but only for some hours. I’ll be back home in the evening.

I am going to Sweden, to a town called Umeå. I get about 4 hours in Umeå, depending on how fast or slow the bus drives. The boat trip is free. 😀 The bus to Umeå and the rest obviously costs, but that’s ok. It’s not every day you get a free boat trip to Sweden!

I have to be at the train/bus station tomorrow morning at 8 am. The ship/boat/ferry (don’t know what to call it…) leaves at 9 am. I will be in Sweden at noon local time, and the bus (I think it is a bus) will drive to Umeå. The bus back leaves at 5 pm, the ship at 6 pm. Don’t know when it comes back to Vasa, but I suppose it takes four hours both ways, so that would mean 11 pm (the boat starts 6 pm Swedish time, which is 7 pm Finnish time). It’s going to be a long day tomorrow! 

Better go early to bed and wake up pretty early too at 6 or 6.30 am.

I have a pancake in the oven now. Will be done in a couple of minutes I think.


I love happy surprises, who doesn’t? 😉 

I bought a scratch card the other day and thought I won 20 euros. But, when I took the scratch card to the store to collect the 20 euros it turned out I had actually won 30 euros. 😀 I must have counted wrong or something on the scratch card.

Today I got a book in the mail. 🙂 I took part in a short story competition earlier this year. Didn’t win anything, but didn’t expect that either. They did however send me a book as a consolation prize as they called it. The book was even wrapped in gift paper inside the envelope. 🙂 I think it’s a pretty good book; something about a mummified cat and papyrus… We’ll see when I’ve read it. 

I worked yesterday five and a half hours, a little more than that. Tomorrow I’ll go back and be there four hours, from 1 to 5 in the afternoon.

I can probably take the bicycle because I went to the town today and it was no problems cycling. 90 % of the streets are free from ice and snow. 😦 It’s +5 degrees at the moment I think.

Tonight there is supposed to be a storm, once again… 

Now I am in a bit of a hurry. I need to take a Christmas card to the mail box and then hurry home again to eat something. In the evening I will be in the Finnish theater, watching a play about a man (a Finn) who is obsessed in becoming a Swede! 😀 I have read the book in Swedish (called Hallonbåtsflyktingen) and have it in Finnish (called Vadelmavenepakolainen), so the story is known to me already. Mum and her Swedish man watched it in November. They thought it was pretty funny but a bit weird at times. 

Apparently you have to sing the Swedish national anthem in the beginning of the play! 😀 (Lucky for me I know all the words in that song!)

Chrismas cards

Finished the last Christmas card last night! 😀 

Woke up at 5 am this morning to watch the free practice session. Well, the alarm clock rang at 4.50 am but I fell asleep again… Woke up at 5.15 am instead. 😉 But I still watched 45 minutes. No big drama, but Sutil hit the wall. And there seemed to be some problems with Vettels car. Oh well, I am sure he will still dominate the qualifying in a couple of hours.

Sorry to hear that Marussia’s ex test driver past away yesterday. 😦 

Mum leaves for Sweden in a couple of hours. She will come home next week on Sunday, because she has a week off from work. Autumn holiday.

I should do some school stuff today… 

But first some breakfast, then a quick nap and the qualifying. 🙂

Computer crocheting

Computer crocheting

I started crocheting this cute little computer last night and finished it this morning! 🙂 It is from the book “Happy Cute” by Annie Obaachan, so look for the book in the library or online if you want a computer too!

I love that the computer mouse is in fact a mouse. 🙂

I was not completely sure how to make the computer, especially the base, so I improvised a little. It’s basically two rectangles (the screen and the back) and a long white strip between. The base I made a larger rectangle (almost square), folded it in half and stitched three sides together. I also filled the base with some cotton to make it thicker.

Last night I rented a movie from the movie rental shop. I watched “Extremely loud and incredibly close”. It was a very good movie. 🙂 For those who don’t know what it is; it’s a boy who lost his dad in 9/11. About a year after he finds a key and wants to know where the key goes and what might be locked up in there.

I have the book which the movie is based on, so I am sure I will read the book soon.

I must, once again, sleep one night at my sister’s house. They decided to go to the north of Sweden today and watch Jonas who is playing in a soccer tournament. I think they are coming back tomorrow, but I am not sure.

I will watch some formula one before I go there. I can watch the qualifying there later if I take with me the card for the digital box.

But I have to return the movie to the shop before I go to Albin.

I decided not to make any paper cranes yesterday. I made the computer instead. So I will take some papers with me to Albin, so I can fold some cranes today and may be tomorrow.

I really hope Kimi will be on the podium tomorrow! Because he promised, that if he is on the podium tomorrow, he will reveal his new haircut! 😀 So far he has kept a cap on his head all time.

So come on Kimi! Be on the podium tomorrow!!