A stormy day

A storm that has been named Rauli is working its way through the country… Strong winds, but only a little rain. Thousands of people have lost their electricity, trees have been falling like matches in some parts. I did go to town with the bicycle. On my way home I took some pictures of the storm. Here are some random pictures.

Not much to comment about. Click on the pictures to make them larger.

I also took some pictures of the swan family that lives by the pond. 🙂 The young ones have grown a lot! They are still grey, but much larger than the last time I took pictures of them. I am going to miss the bird family when they fly to a warmer place when it gets too cold to be here…

Again, click the images to make them larger.

Nice to see Kimi 3rd in the qualifying today! 🙂 Looking forward to the race tomorrow. Spa-Francorchamps.

Going to crochet now. I hope the storm calms down soon. It’s the end of the summer cottage season, which means people will have fireworks in the evening. Not sure how the fireworks work in high winds. Fly around the sky probably. May be the police will forbid people to have fireworks if it’s too dangerous.


Rainy and cold day

The day has been cold, and pretty stormy, but the worst storm ended last night. The rain just started. Good I made it home before the rain began.

I should have needed winter clothes (it felt like) when I went to town. Good it is Thursday. They always have pea soup and pancake at a café on Thursdays. I felt so cold coming to town, it was nice to eat warm pea soup. 🙂

The other day the cat was waiting for rain, under the kitchen chair. 🙂 He likes to sleep under the kitchen table and other the chairs. He seems to like the carpet that we have there.

Got him some grass to grow. I have never seen the package before. It was a plastic box with a lid. When you got home you should open the lid, stir around the material that was inside (I don’t know, it was like small pellets or something, no soil), and the grass seeds would come up to the surface. Then you poured water on it and put the lid back on. When it has been in a sunny warm place three or four days, the seeds will start growing and you can remove the lid. We’ll see how it turns out and if the cat likes it or not.

Also got some yarn for my third pair of socks. I like to have different socks to choose between. Not the same pair all the time. I now have two pairs that I choose between and they are starting to get well worn. This color is called Parrot. I don’t actually know how the socks will turn out, but it will be interesting to see! 😀

Very stormy

Lots of strong winds today and it’s gotten worse tonight. Not much rain though, just a few drops today, but may be it is coming during the night. A few trees has fallen in the region and some people are out of electricity. But I don’t think it so bad yet. I will close the windows just to be sure.

The apartment has heated up, so it’s warm inside, although it’s pretty cold outside. Makes it difficult to sleep. I don’t use the duvet anymore. I have a bed sheet in the bed, but usually it’s crumbled up in a ball at the other end of the bed.

Getting late. It’s past 11 pm. I’ll try to sleep now.

Cold and stormy

This summer has really been cold and rainy and stormy… It’s more like autumn than summer. I think there was +25 degrees one weekend! That’s all. Today is another cold stormy day. Some rain too during the day.

I have spent the day indoors. Just went to the grocery store to get some food for the cat.

It’s nice to have my sis’s family home again, so now I don’t have to go to their house several times a day to look after the dog. I am sure the cat is happy too that I’m not gone several hours a day.

Yesterday I looked after my nephew Alec while being with the dog too. He was there four hours while the parents were working. My brother is home from his job on the ship but every now and then he goes to a restaurant out of town and works there.

So sad when Jules Bianchi passed away today. 😦 Of course it was expected, but still… I am sure they will pay tribute to him during the next F1 Grand Prix, which I think is next weekend. Rest in peace, Jules.

I joined Twitter today… Don’t think I’m gonna write much, but I’ll follow some other tweeters; Valtteri Bottas, Heikki Kovalainen, the ice hockey teams that I support, Ferrari etc.

Stormy day


Find the cat in the picture! 😉 I think this is one of his favorite spots to sleep in. He spends a lot of time there, sometimes just observing what’s happening around him. As you can see his back paw is visible too on the other side of the table. 🙂

It’s a sunny but very stormy day… They warned people that trees might fall today and I know a lot of people has lost the electricity around the country.

I think I will go to the library today and vote in the parliament elections. But I have no idea who to vote for. I think I might have decided but I might change my mind later when I get there.

I usually do know who to vote for, but not this time. And I honestly am not interested in the election this time. It’s always a lot of promises to make this country so much better and blah blah blah… But when they get elected and goes to Helsinki, they kind of forgot what they promised. Or they realize that their dreams or goals or whatever they are, are not realistic.

You can vote today and until next Tuesday. The actual voting day and when they will count the votes are on Sunday next week, April 19th.

Stormy day

I wanted to go to the library today and borrow two Hunger games books. But that will have to wait until Monday. I just hope no one borrows the books today. It’s raining and the winds are really strong. 😦

It’s a little scary how much the windows in the house are moving and shaking and the noises they are making. Hope they stay strong against another storm…

Oh well, I have other books to read and crafty things to do.

I just finished season 4 of “Little House on the Prairie”. The season ended with Mary getting blind and going to the school for blind people.

I have season 5 too. But I’ll start watching that another day.

I think we’ll make home made pizza for dinner today! Yummy! 🙂

By this time next Saturday the first F1 qualifying of the season will be over. 😀 Since they are driving in Australia I guess it’s shown live very early in the morning… Better go to bed early next week end. 😉

Theory of Everything – again

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to the cinema. 🙂 This time the movie worked fine (last time I went there, on Wednesday, they said that the film was broken so they could not show it). It was super good! One of the best movies I’ve ever seen!! 😀 If it doesn’t get Oscars I will be disappointed… It was funny, sad and beautiful. Quite a lot of people watched it yesterday but it was not sold out.

We looked after Alec yesterday and mum called my sister who came with my niece Wilma. They went to the ice skating rink across the street and when they came home we ate some kind of soup with sausage in.

When I went to the cinema, with the bike, it was super-duper icy! 😦 I mean, it was impossible to even walk. You had to glide or skate forward, keeping both shoes on the ground all the time. It was kind of good to have a bike to hang on to, but it was of course no use having the bike. I could ride it a few hundred meters at most.

While I was at the cinema my brother and sister-in-law came for a visit. So Alec actually came twice to us yesterday. “Grandmum, I came back here again” he said.

Today my brother-in-law (Wilma’s dad) skied 52 kilometers! 🙂 They had a big ski race north of Vasa (actually at the same place where my nephew Jonas goes to school).

So mum and my sister, Wilma and my other nephew Rasmus went there to watch when he was skiing. They just got back.

Going to eat my favorite dinner down, macaronis and minced meat. It has been in the oven for an hour so it’s still very hot. I can’t eat it yet, but soon.

There’s been a storm last night and today. But I think it’s calmed down now.