Got my glasses yesterday!

I have had a pretty bad cold several days (almost all the week). But I was called to come and work on Monday and Thursday. So I did that.

I missed the last Italian lesson… Oh well. I have the school book, so I can read it myself.

Yesterday after work I went to pick up my glasses and sunglasses. 🙂 I have not had a chance to try my sunglasses yet, because there is no sun… Right now lots of snow comes down from the sky! The winter came back!

I’ll bake some muffins after dinner and tonight I will watch a movie that I have borrowed from the library.

First snow of the season! :D

Last night it started snowing and it snowed pretty much during the night. 🙂 In other parts of the country there has been lots of snow for several days, but to Vasa it came late. There has been some white on the ground lately, but I would not call it first snow of the season. It was more like frost of the dead leaves and the grass. Now the whole ground is covered.

Of course, it will only last for a few days. They are expecting rain for next week. But it’s still nice with the first snow.

Here are some random pictures I took of the snow. Click on the images to enlarge them.

I got the sun in the eyes when I took pictures in one direction, so I just randomly clicked on the camera. When I took pictures from the other side, with the sun in the back, I could more easily see what I took pictures of.

I got the 2017 calendar yesterday. 🙂 Mum got her on the same day.

My old winter shoes had big holes on the soles. 😦 It was a little slippery to walk to town with the autumn shoes. I always have problems finding shoes. I need children’s size. I went to some shops the other day but didn’t find any. Today I bought these (I borrowed the image from Google…)


I saw them on Wednesday. I didn’t try them on, because I thought they were too childish. They are very common for Finnish kids. But mum said they were for adults too and that she might get a pair for herself. So I tried them on today and they were really comfortable and warm.

It doesn’t look so childish when I put the jeans on top of them. And they are of course very easy to put on. No shoe laces to tie. Just slip the foot in like a rain boot. I can use a pair of knitted socks in them when it’s really cold. 🙂

Finally, a picture of the cat:


He hates the camera and usually walks away when he sees it. Today he was lying in his transport box (his favorite place) and I took this picture of him. I think he looks cute in this picture. I like close ups. In the calendar for 2017 there is an image of the cat’s nose and a few whiskers I think.

Well, I’m going to watch the second free practice session now, from Brazil. F1 that is.

Looking after the dogs

I have been looking after my brother’s dogs this weekend. I still am. I will go there in the afternoon (may be around four or five pm). But I don’t know if I will watch the F1 Gp there or here at home.

I spent the last night at their house, but I don’t have to spend this night at their house, because my brother and his wife are coming home during the night. But if I watch the F1 GP there, I will have to go home with the bicycle late at night, may be 10.30 pm. It takes a while to go with the bike and I should take the dogs out too after the race. If I watch the race at home, it would have to go out with the dogs around 7 pm and that might be too long for them to wait until the owners come home. Well, I guess I will have to watch the race in their house, but I really don’t like the idea of driving a bicycle home that late at night… 😦

My nephew came here on Friday evening and he’ll go home on Monday when my brother comes and get him. But first he will need to sleep as he will drive the car up to Vasa from Helsinki during the night.

Nothing much else going on. My nephew Rasmus turned 14 yesterday, so mum and Alec went there for a birthday party. I had to go to the dogs instead.

It’s been pretty cold, only a few plus degrees. I think they are expecting snow next week. 🙂


Lots of snow came last night and early this morning! April 19th. Well, sometimes we’ve had snow on May 1st, so it’s not very unusual. But everyone thought the winter was gone for this time and many people already changed to summer tires on their cars.

It looked beautiful this morning with so many big snow flakes slowly falling down from the sky. But as I walked to town around 10 am it was already melting. And now it’s probably all gone, at least most of it. It was very slushy and wet on the streets. I did take the camera with me and I took some pictures from the little pond that I see on my way to town.

When I got home from work in the evening I read on the internet that a new royal baby has been born in Sweden! 😀 Congratulations to all Swedes! They just had the press conference at the hospital and Prince Carl Philip told the press it is a little prince that was born. 🙂 So now the king and the queen of Sweden have five grandchildren! Two girls and three boys. The queen is actually in New York, USA, right now and found out about it during a meeting. They talked to the queen shortly before the press conference started.

It’s going to be interested to hear, probably tomorrow, what the name of the little prince is going to be. It is difficult to guess.

Better go to bed now. The cat is sleeping on his blanket on the floor, next to the television. Usually he sleeps on the couch during the night, but he changes position several times, so he will probably jump up on the couch later.

Lots of snow

The first snow for the season came yesterday! 😀 And a lot of it! It has continued snowing lots today too. The first picture is from last night and the rest of them are from today.

I was working in my “old” library yesterday and I took the bicycle to the market square. I left it there and took the bus to the library. When I came back to the market square in the afternoon my bike looked pretty much like the bikes in the last picture! 🙂

Lots of swans (30-40) in the little pond. They were shouting loudly and wanted to get away from the snow. I think they will start flying south soon, or where ever they go during the winter.

They are expecting +4 C on Tuesday (don’t know if that’s true yet) so this snow will probably go away soon. But it’s fun while it lasts and beautiful as well. I much rather have snow than the dull, rainy, grey November days that has been.

New camera



Our camera stopped working a while ago. Now we have a new one. 🙂 I chose a purple one (the choices were between purple and black, and I thought it would be nice to have a purple one this time). Niki got the honor of being the first motive for the new camera!

He likes to sleep under the living room table on the furry rug. 🙂 In the second picture he is sleeping on the scratching tree furniture that he has in my room.

10 days left to the F1 season!!! 😀 Even less than that if you count the Friday free practice sessions to the season, which I do!

Have been cross stitching some bookmarks lately. I have finished two the last couple of days and today or tomorrow I might finish another one.

Pretty sunny and a little warm today, but still lots of clouds too. There’s a little snow on the ground too. 🙂

No more work

I worked the last day yesterday. 😦 Now I am unemployed again. Well, technically my contract ends on Saturday, but I have a few days off work, so yesterday was the last day.

I guess I’ll have to start looking for other kinds of jobs, but there aren’t many jobs in this towns that I could apply for. I don’t have the right education.

Going to the employment agency on Monday to see what they have to say.

It rained yesterday and was +2 C so the snow started melting. It rained this morning too but now it’s a little snow. Still, it’s slushy and wet on the streets. Just came home from the local library where I borrowed some books.