Walking, walking

Now I am going to rest my legs the rest of the day. Enough walking around with mum trying to find X-mas gifts to people… Over two hours we were out walking to a big shop. and when we got there she couldn’t decide what to buy. And I was thinking, “COME ON! My legs are killing me!”

When we got home the cat was complaining about a certain brand of cat food that it refused to eat. 😦 So I ended up going to the store across the street to buy some cat food. Now the cat is snoring on the couch.

In the morning we managed to glue the gingerbread house together with icing. 🙂 But mum made the icing to runny first and I had to put some more icing sugar in it. It was pretty difficult this year. Once we thought the icing had dried but then we let go, and the whole house was almost falling apart. 😦 So, more icing and a little more patience… But I was close to throwing the chimney in the garbage bag, because it didn’t want to cooperate. 

Thankfully we finally got it.

Dinner is in the oven now. Chicken.

After that I have school stuff to do. Oh why can’t that school stuff be over with already?!



So fun to watch Heikki Kovalainen in the Lotus car this weekend! 😀 He is doing a great job! It is not easy to jump into a team and perform so well with such a short notice. He got the call to come to Lotus on Tuesday night and he has had to learn a lot of new things in just a few days. 🙂 P8 tomorrow on the starting grid. And Valtteri Bottas P9! 😀 But I think Bottas will fall down to P11 – P14 in the GP. It’s one thing to be strong in the qualifying, a different thing to be strong in the race. And I don’t think Williams has the car yet to get some points. They only have Maldonado’s one point so far. Looking forward to the race tomorrow! 🙂 Red Bull is of course in a different league… And it’s not difficult to guess who’s gonna win tomorrow.

Finished a cross stitched bookmark while I watched the qualifying. 🙂 The bookmark shows three sheep and there’s some butterflies and pink flowers as well. Pretty cute. 🙂

Finished reading Pure, by Julianna Baggott. Very good book! Also started on the second book in the trilogy, Fuse. I hope it is just as good.

The wind is pretty strong right now. But apparently it’s getting worse. Around 6 am to 8 am it’s supposed to be the strongest winds in this area, then it will move somewhere else. The electric company has warned that the electricity might be cut off. But usually things doesn’t turn out as bad as it has been predicted in the newspapers and tabloids. But, we’ll see.

Almost midnight. The cat is snoring on my couch. He really likes the blanket that I put there, so he can rest his head on it. 😀

Midsummer evening

My company for the midsummer, the dog Albin (see picture in earlier post), is sleeping. And boy can he snore! 😀 He is snoring worse than some humans I know! 

I am sitting in my nephew Jonas’ room and he is snoring on the rug next to me. There was some problems with the Internet earlier today, and I wasn’t able to open it until pretty late in the evening. My sister happened to call and she described what I could try to make Internet work again.

I have just watched a 15 minutes tutorial on Youtube… I REALLY want to solve Rubik’s cube! Jonas is an expert on solving the cubes, so he has several cubes. I can borrow one of them tomorrow and really try to do what they are doing in the video.

I am waiting for a program to start on TV. It’s a Swedish TV-series called “Skärgårdsdoktorn”. Its actually an old series, it ran many years ago, but every now and then they have reruns. I have seen the episodes many times but they are so good that I want to watch them again. It’s about a doctor who has worked in Africa. He returns to an island in the archipelago. He also brings his daughter Wilma, who is around 12 I think. The man will take over the post as doctor from his father-in-law. His wife remains in Africa where she too is a doctor. So the TV-series is basically about the life on the islands and all the problems the doctor is facing with the other inhabitants, the daughter etc. It’s very good and it was very popular when the series ran all those years ago. It will start in 25 minutes and is one hour long.

After that I will take a quick walk with Albin and then try to sleep. Because then it will be nearly midnight.

Not sure when I will go home tomorrow. We’ll see. It depends on how long they plan to stay in the summer cottage with their friends.

Please remember to answer the poll from the previous post! I do want to know what part of the world you come from. I know I have covered countries in at least Europe, North America and Africa.