In memory of Niki

It’s almost a week since March 10, which was a Friday. I have not felt like writing before. Now I will write a little about Niki, my cute cat that passed away that horrible day. 😦


16 years and 11 months. His birthday was March 23. So next week is his 17th birthday. Or was. He may celebrate it in heaven, or wherever his soul is now.

We got the beautiful cat in May 13, 2000. Of course then he was just a little kitten.

I will miss him forever. Pets are like family members, so losing them is very difficult.

It’s hard writing this, even after almost a week since his passing. 😦

Rest in peace, Niki! I love you and will always love you.


Cold and stormy

This summer has really been cold and rainy and stormy… It’s more like autumn than summer. I think there was +25 degrees one weekend! That’s all. Today is another cold stormy day. Some rain too during the day.

I have spent the day indoors. Just went to the grocery store to get some food for the cat.

It’s nice to have my sis’s family home again, so now I don’t have to go to their house several times a day to look after the dog. I am sure the cat is happy too that I’m not gone several hours a day.

Yesterday I looked after my nephew Alec while being with the dog too. He was there four hours while the parents were working. My brother is home from his job on the ship but every now and then he goes to a restaurant out of town and works there.

So sad when Jules Bianchi passed away today. 😦 Of course it was expected, but still… I am sure they will pay tribute to him during the next F1 Grand Prix, which I think is next weekend. Rest in peace, Jules.

I joined Twitter today… Don’t think I’m gonna write much, but I’ll follow some other tweeters; Valtteri Bottas, Heikki Kovalainen, the ice hockey teams that I support, Ferrari etc.