I was at the second beading class last night and I made the following bracelet in a technique called zig zag:


I am also knitting a sock (the other sock of the pair is ready) and stitching the hexagons into a blanket. I also make an owl bookmark (cross stitch). So I am doing quite a lot of crafty things at the moment.

It was nice seeing Kimi Räikkönen 3rd in the qualifying today! 🙂 Of course, no points awarded until after the race tomorrow, but he did a good qualifying in any case, what ever happens tomorrow.

It’s a cold wind from the north. 😦 I better put on lots of clothes when I am going into town in a few minutes. I want to see what’s going on on the market square. They are going to have a big manifestation for the local hospital. Thousands of people are expected, but with the wind, I am not sure how many will actually go.


Crochet update


This morning I did a lot of crocheting! 😀 All the grey around the blue flowers and a lot of the dark around the red flowers. Yesterday I didn’t do much, because I cross stitched a lot more.

Later tonight, after I come from a birthday party, I will start crocheting the final white layer to these. I might only finish one or two before going to bed.

It is my brother-in-law who celebrates his birthday today (43 years). At the same time it is actually my sister’s and his 13th wedding anniversary (because they got married on his 30th birthday!).

I am going to town in a while to get him a birthday gift from me and mum. A scarf from the local ice hockey team! He does go to those ice hockey games every now and then, but he has no scarf. So now he will get one. 🙂

So sorry for Kimi Raikkonen. 😦 He had a good chance for the Belgian GP last Sunday (starting third), but he was sandwiched between his team mate Vettel and the young Verstappen in the first corner… He finished 9th I think. It was an angry Iceman giving comments to the press after the race and I do understand him.

Now I’ll cross stitch a little before going to town.


Two dogs and one cat

Last weekend (Friday-Saturday) I took care of my sister’s dog. This weekend (Friday-Sunday) I am taking care of my brother’s dogs. And I still have my old cat to take care of too. 😉

I have to go back and forth with the bicycle. Now I’m at home. I am going to eat dinner now. I’ll go back to the dogs around 8 pm and stay there over the night. I spent last night there too. Good my brother’s family is coming home tomorrow. But I will have to go there tomorrow too once, after I have come home to the cat in the morning.

I don’t like to leave the cat alone during night. He is not used to it. Now it has to be alone two nights in a row. 😦 But he seemed to be fine this morning. I guess he slept all night and didn’t notice that no one was home.

Sadly Kimi Raikkonen was only 14th in the qualifying. 😦 Bad timing. The team should have let him out later, as the track was getting better every second in the end. I also think there were some yellow flags that messed things up. Hopefully lots of things will happen tomorrow, so Kimi can get some decent points.

A warm day. I think they have promised high temperature  several days now. We’ll see about that. They are not always right.

A while ago I bought a footstool from Lidl. It was like an IKEA package, you had to assemble it yourself. But it was easy to do that. All you needed were in the package and it took only a few minutes to assemble it. Now I have painted it blue, an acrylic color called “lagoon”. It’s on the balcony.

Can’t show a picture of it. Mum has the camera in Sweden and will come home on July 31st. I took a picture of the footstool with the mobile phone, but I need a short cable to move the picture from the phone to the computer. Sadly mum took the little cable too… So I can’t upload anything. I will show a picture in August…

Better go eat the dinner now before it cools down too much…

Bicycle ride :(

I thought I would go for a bicycle ride tonight. It’s sunny and pretty warm. Got pretty far on the round that I usually go on, then all of a sudden I got a flat back tyre. 😦 I hate when that happens! I saw a lot of glass on the streets and tried to avoid them, but I guess I ran over a piece of glass or a sharp rock or something… Had to walk home with the bike from town. So, I guess I’ll have to take the bicycle to a repair shop tomorrow morning.

Kimi was 5th and Vettel 9th today in Silverstone. Not a good day for Ferrari. 😦 They usually have problems when it is cold and rainy, as it was today. Hope they do a better race in Hungary in two weeks. But at least Kimi got more points than Vettel today. 🙂

For dinner I made a steak and garlic potatoes in the oven. The steak had to be in the oven for hours, may be 2 and a half. It was done just before the start of the Silverstone GP.

Mum went to Sweden on Thursday. May be I haven’t written that yet. So it’s just me and the cat the rest of the month. She will come home on July 31st. She starts working August 1st. Always comes home in the last minute…

In a couple of hours I’ll watch the soccer final between France and Portugal.

One more year

The best news today was Ferrari’s announcement that Kimi Räikkönen will continue to drive with Ferrari in 2017! 😀

One more year… But I honestly think that 2017 will be his last year in F1. Because he is already 36, so at the end of the next season he will have turned 38. His birthday is in October. He is the oldest driver this year, and for sure next year as well.

This weekend Kimi drives his 100th GP as a Ferrari driver! 😀 Let’s hope he will have a successful 100th GP!

Home Sweet Home

I am back! 😀 Got home around 1.30 am last night. Here are some random pictures from my trip to Austria:

The views were really nice! 🙂 Lots of mountains. Didn’t get close to the Bull on the Red Bull Ring, but I zoomed in on it. I could clearly see it from the seat where I was. I ate a bratwurst while waiting for the qualifying to start. 🙂 My flag waved in the wind. Yesterday (Monday) we went to Vienna (Wien). Our first stop was Schloss Schönbrunn. We only had an hour, so we just walked in the park. Very beautiful! We also visited Stephansdom, the large church. I bought the Ferrari cap, the hearing protectors, and some other small things like bookmarks and postcards. I also bought Mozart-kugeln. I will try them later. 🙂 The flag was handed out free at the track. They wanted us to hold it up while the national anthem played. When folding it like an accordion you could make sounds by slapping it against your palm. The ticket(s) had to be shown on the body the whole time. So they handed out for free the plastic covers and the straps to hang around your neck.

The trip was really good and fun! 😀 We changed our plans a bit. We went to the circuit already on Friday, because it was difficult to find the parking lot. Didn’t get to see the free practice sessions, but we stayed a couple of hours on Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday we went to the circuit in the morning and went back to Graz in the afternoon. Rain both days, but Saturday was also very warm. So the rain made it feel cooler and nicer in the air. On Monday we skipped the vineyard at the lake, and went to Vienna (Wien) to get some more time in the capital.

Nice to see Kimi on the podium! 🙂 Of course, we only watched the ceremony on the big screens but still…

The flying I didn’t really like, especially not the start.





My dream comes true!

(Pictures are from the Internet.)

I can’t yet believe that by lunchtime tomorrow I will be in Austria! 😀

For a couple of years I have been saving money, selling stuff at the flea market etc. to raise money for a trip. I have always wanted to see a Formula 1 GP live somewhere in the world. On Sunday I will be at Red Bull Ring in Spielberg and watch the Austrian F1 GP! 😀

Today I have been packing. I have made a list of necessary items, and I have almost all of the items. I’ll pack the rest tomorrow morning.

I am waiting for the camera. Mum took it to the northern part of Finland on Sunday when she went there with Kari. But they should get home in a couple of hours. At least I hope so…

I have to be at the air port at 5 am tomorrow, so I must wake up very early. First I take a plane from my home town to Helsinki, the capital. There I will meet the rest of the group (well, may be some are coming from Vasa as well). I am traveling with a traveling agency, and they told us to meet at the gate on the airport in Helsinki.

We will take a plane to Wien (Vienna), the capital of Austria. We are going to have a mini bus in Austria. So tomorrow, we will get a unofficial guided tour of Wien (just riding around in the city looking at the buildings, I don’t know). After lunch we will drive to the city Graz, where our hotel is.

Saturday we are going to Spielberg and the circuit. I don’t know what time we will be there, but we will see the qualifying at least, may be the free practice session too if we come in time. Saturday evening, when we are back in Graz, is free time. No programs planned. The hotel is on the outskirts of Graz, so I think we will just stay at the hotel, or may be look at the streets around the hotel.

Sunday morning we are going back to the circuit. After the race, in the evening, the whole group is going to some restaurant. I don’t know how many are traveling in the group, but a mini bus can take, what?, a maximum of 20 people? There had to be at least 8 people for the trip to take place, so I am guessing, may be 10-15 people.

On Monday morning we are going to a lake, close to the border of Hungary. I think the lake is called Neusiedler See. They have some vineyards (places that grow grapes and make wine) there that we will look at. After the vineyards we are going back to Wien, to the airport. We will have some time to shop at the airport before taking the planes, first to Helsinki and then to Vasa.

The airplane going to Vasa will leave Helsinki at one minute before midnight. I will be home around 1 am or a little after. Mum and Kari will come and get me from the airport. (They will also drive me there early tomorrow morning.)

This year may be the last year of Kimi Räikkönen’s career, and I am not sure I would want to go to a race if Kimi is not there.

Mum is of course worried about terror attacks on airports… But I’m not. If it happens, it happens. No one knows (except the terrorists of course) when and where it happens. Austria is a pretty safe country to go to, according to the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The only thing worrying me at this point is what to do at the airport. I have flown once before, 17 years ago, in 1999. And that was with a lot of students and teachers/parents. Tomorrow morning I have to do the checking in myself and find my way in the Helsinki Vantaa Airport. So I hope some others from the group are coming from Vasa too so I can follow after them.

They are expecting hot temperatures in the area I think, but I am taking sun protection oil with me. There might also be thunder on Saturday, so I am taking a rain cape with me. I am taking lots of different things with me that I might need.

Just came back from the drug store where I bought ear plugs. (Blobs of silicone that you form into a ball and stick in your ear). But I am not sure you need ear plugs anymore. The F1 cars are pretty quiet these days compared to a few years ago. But just to be on the safe side. Of course I am taking a Finnish flag with me (just a small flag on a wooden stick). I will wear a red t-skirt to show that I am cheering for Ferrari.

I will try to use my German skills at much as possible. But I will of course talk English if needed. Tonight I’ll make a list of German words and expressions that might be useful.

But first I am going to eat some macaronis and meatballs. 🙂