Glasses, F1 etc.

Last Friday I went to check my sight. At the same time I chose new glasses. 🙂 They will come in about two weeks, so at the end of the month. But they might come sooner too. I will get a text message when I can go and pick them up.

It will be interesting, because I don’t really remember what they look like! 😀 They had an offer of two glasses for one, so I also chose sun glasses. It’s the first time I will wear sun glasses. The lenses are thicker, so I can use them without the regular glasses. That has always been an issue for me. I can’t use those cheap sun glasses you find in many stores and flea markets. They need to come with thicker lenses so I can see. Of course I had to pay for the lenses of the sun glasses, but the frame was free.

For the first time I had them take pictures of the back of the eyes. I don’t know what it is called in English. But they have a machine that can take pictures of the bottom of the eye, the part that you can’t see. Those pictures turned out to be okay, so they didn’t find anything unusual in those pictures, which is nice to know. Apparently you should take those pictures every second or third year.

I still miss Niki. The house feels so empty without a cat. 😦 It’s the small things you miss the most. Like making whipped cream… Niki always wanted to lick some of the cream. Now I don’t have anyone who licks the whipped cream. I even miss him waking me up during the night, scratching his paws on my door.

I really, really want to have a little kitten! But I have not found anything yet. On Saturdays the local newspaper has ads where people want to sell/buy etc. Sometimes they announce that they have kittens, but not yet. An other free magazine comes out on Wednesdays and they have similar ads, but sadly no kittens there either.

I even have a name for the kitten. 🙂 I just need to find him. There will be kittens born in May. A man has offered us one of the kittens born in May. But May is so far away. It’s only March. And God knows how long the kittens have to stay with their mother. Several weeks. It means I would not get it home until June or July… 😦 So please, God, let me found a kitten in the newspaper ads long before that!

Oh, well… there is nothing to do but to wait. To try and make the days go faster. Sunday really dragged itself through mud. Sunday felt very long.

This weekend the F1 season starts in Australia. 🙂 Looking forward to that. Kimi Raikkonen drives for Ferrari and Valtteri Bottas has moved to Mercedes. It will be interesting to see both drivers.

F1 season starts soon!

Just a few more weeks (4 weeks) until the start of the F1 season! 😀

Today I made sure I will have the TV channel to watch F1. 🙂 They will turn on the TV channel from March 1st, so I don’t have it yet. But next week I will.

I don’t really care what the cars look like. I know some fans are upset that this year’s cars has a shark fin on the back (at least some teams have it)! And they are complaining about the ugly nose of the car. But for me what matters more is how fast they are on the circuits.

I hope Ferrari will be able to win races this year (and especially Kimi Räikkönen of course!).  It will be interesting to see how Valtteri Bottas does in the Mercedes. 🙂 For sure it will be difficult at first with a new team, and Hamilton as a team mate. But I’m sure he’ll do fine, if Mercedes delivers a winning car. At least some podiums I expect from Bottas this year.

This year I am not going to see any GPs live, like I did last year. I’ll watch everything on the  TV. It will be fun to watch the Austrian GP on TV, because I will be able to see the scenes that I saw in reality last summer! May be they will show the seat or the section where I sat! And I will remember the F1 village if they show it on TV.



Nico Rosberg :(

I really didn’t expect that… Nico Rosberg decided to quit his F1 career! 😦

But I do understand his reasons. He’s had difficult years (despite driving in the best F1 team). And he decided to quit at the top. He got the world championship, which he has worked hard for and it has been his goal ever since he was a little kid. He doesn’t feel like he needs a second or a third championship. One is enough for him.

It was fun watching Rosberg in F1 and I will remember him. He was one of my favorite drivers.

I hope he finds something fun and interesting to do in the future.

Now it will be very interesting to see who gets the seat as Hamilton’s team mate next year! Will Mercedes choose a rookie or an experienced driver? Time will tell.


Congrats to Nico! :D

Tears of happiness yesterday when Nico Rosberg won his first ever F1 world championship! 😀 He so deserves it! He’s been fighting hard for it. Even he had difficulties not to cry on the podium and in the interviews afterwords.

Nico and Keke Rosberg is now the second father/son pair to win the championship. Keke won 1982 and Nico 2016. 🙂 That’s 34 years between the championships. The other father/son pair is Graham and Damon Hill. Don’t remember when they won. But Graham died when Damon was quite young, so he didn’t know that Damon would win the championship. Last night Keke watched the race in Dubai and later came to the circuit to celebrate with Nico when he won. Nico’s mum and wife were also there to celebrate.

So now the season is over… :/ No more F1 races until March I guess. Several months to wait.