I am baking today. 🙂 First I tried something new that I have never done before. I made muffins with mint chocolate. In Finland we have something called Pätkis, little mint chocolate bars. They come in mini versions too in a little plastic bag and the recipe called for the mini chocolate. Each piece cut in three. So there are small pieces of Pätkis in the muffins. I am sure they melted in the oven, so they are gooey and yummy! 😀 I have to taste one for dessert.

I have a pizza in the oven now. 🙂 It was the first time that I made the dough myself. Usually it’s mum that makes the dough. So I am not sure how it will turn out. I think it’s a little stickier than mum’s dough, but I hope it tastes good, although the grocery store didn’t have the slices of pizza ham that we use to put on on the pizza. So I had to buy some other ham slices. We’ll see how it turns out to be in the end… I put tuna on mum’s side of the pizza and she got pizza spices too. I don’t like that. The dough is on the oven plate and we always “decorate” half the side each, so we get what we want. She usually likes tomato slices too, but I didn’t have that today. So she has to be without them.

I have to quickly wash the dishes after dinner (there are a lot now with so much baking…) In the afternoon I am going to an event. 270 people are signed up for the event, so I have to be there at 4.30 pm when they open the doors. I guess you have to stand in a queue for a long time to pay for the event and if you come pretty late you won’t get any good seat to sit in. So I am going there early… My sister-in-law is also going to the same event. May be I will see her there.

While I am at the event (from 6 to 7 pm) mum will come home from Sweden. She is on the passenger ship right now. She did see my brother on Thursday when she went, and I guess they will see each other today too. He is working until Tuesday, so he has a few more trips with the boat before he has another two weeks off. He is a restaurant manager on the ship. My sister and Alec will go to the harbor to get mumr at 6.30 and then they will come here and wait for my sister-in-law and me to come home as well.

That’s why I made the muffins. I thought they might stay for coffee.

Well, the pizza is almost done, so I better go check it out now. The cat liked to eat some of the tuna that I put on a little plate for him while I decorated the pizza. He is crazy for the pizza ham slices that we use to have, but I don’t think he will like these ham slices.

I am sure the cat will go nuts when mum comes home. He will meow and meow and meow and meow…. 😉


Boring GP

The Formula one GP in Russia was pretty boring. 😦 The only interesting part was Nico Rosberg who had to change the tires after the first lap (I think), fell down (I guess he was last or almost last), but then finished second.

I wish he would have won the race. Now he is even more behind Hamilton. I want Nico to win the world championship, because Nico’s dad is Finnish (and Nico has the right to a Finnish passport), and he doesn’t have a championship yet, which Hamilton already has.

I made a mud cake in the afternoon! 😀 I am enjoying it as I write. It’s so quick, easy and delicious!!

First I thought I’d make a blueberry pie. But then I remembered that I don’t have any blueberries. And I didn’t want to go back to the grocery store where I had already been earlier in the day. So I make the mud cake instead. It’s really delicious with some vanilla ice cream!

I guess I’ll wash some dishes soon and then spend the rest of the evening reading.

Fiasco for Ferrari

Damn it!! What idiot is working for Ferrari? Why didn’t they send out Kimi one more time? They could have used a set of new white tires. That would probably have been enough. But no… They calculated that the time Kimi got on his only lap was enough to get him to Q2. Only it wasn’t. Marussia’s Jules Bianchi used the yellow tires and managed to push down Kimi to P17! 😦

And people say that it’s Kimi’s fault he sucks this year? Well, it is not the driver that decides if he has to go out one more time or not. It’s the team’s decision, 100 %! Ferrari screwed up big time today! I hope they apologize to Kimi after the qualifying! How could Kimi be able to help the team get points when they are doing these kinds of basic mistakes and having issues with the car almost all the races?

No point in watching the rest of the qualifying. Don’t really care about the other drivers at the moment.

Hamilton’s car started burning pretty badly. He’s probably P21 or P22 or may be he decides to start from the pit lane. But anyway, he has the Mercedes and one week ago, he started far back too and ended up in P3… So he won’t have any problems. It’s much worse, once again, for Kimi in P17.

I’d better go wash the dishes now and after that make some dinner. But I don’t really feel like eating anything warm in this heat. May be I’ll just boil a couple of eggs (to get some salt) and eat them with a yoghurt.

I went to the grocery store across the street earlier today and it was so hot I didn’t want to be outside more than necessary. I want thunderstorms and rain now! It’s too hot, inside and out!

The electricity was gone for 15 minutes this morning. I was watching Little house on the prairie when the TV suddenly shut itself down… Thought it was something wrong with my TV (I have an “old school TV” that takes up a lot of space), but then I tried to turn on the lamp in my room. When that didn’t work either, I realized there was no electricity.

Don’t know why the electricity was gone… Luckily it came back pretty quickly, before all the stuff in the freezer started melting.

Yesterday I started making a granny square blanket. 😀 I need 300 squares. The squares are all white (not “white white”, more like “bone white” or “cream white”) on the outer edges. The other rounds are either dark green/green, dark pink/pink, orange/yellow or blue/turquoise. One square is about 8 cm x 8 cm, so the blanket will be something around 120 x 160. But then I need a border around that too, so may be a few more centimeters. I need 75 squares of each color.

I really couldn’t make a granny square blanket where the colors are totally random. Like one square could have pink, black, dark green and white, while another square might be yellow, grey, orange and turquoise. No, never! I have to make the squares the same colors! Last time I had squares that where red/pink and blue/turquoise. This time I’m choosing four color pairs, so it will be more colorful this time. But I put four squares next to each other and I like the color combinations. 🙂

I actually made may be 10 squares a pretty long time ago, but for some reason I never continued past the 10 squares. I guess I didn’t like how the squares turned out to be. These new squares I like much better and I know I will finish the blanket this time. But I’ll save the other squares in case I decide sometime in the distant future that I want to continue with them.

I use the same yarn as the previous granny square blanket. Don’t remember how big that turned out to be.

Yesterday (and previous days too), I have gone out cycling like 9 or 10 pm. I have a route that takes 45-55 minutes, depending on how fast or slow I go. The horrible heat is gone by that time and it’s pretty nice to cycle when there’s a cool breeze. There’s a lot of people out cycling or walking or just sitting in the grass or on benches at that time. I guess we are all tired of the high temperatures.

Well, the qualifying is over now… Better go wash the dishes now. I hope the media reporters aren’t too hard with Kimi today… It really wasn’t his fault. They should jump at Ferrari instead. 😦

Strawberries and a flower



Got to pick five strawberries from the balcony today! 😀 Yay! They are tiny, but they are delicious! I saved the “big” one for last. 😉

Also noticed a big red flower in the hibiscus plant today!! 😀 Hope it’s still there tomorrow when mum and her friend come late at night. But at least I have it on a picture. Two plants on the balcony died… Have to throw them in the garbage tomorrow… But at least I got some strawberries and a hibiscus flower. Must have watered the plants enough then, even if a lot of plants have looked miserable during the crazy heat in this apartment… And the hibiscus has another flower on its way, but its not fully there yet.

It’s been a little cooler the last couple of days. But still around +28 in the apartment. It’s going to take some time to cool the house down. I have the balcony door open now, but the cat kindly lies inside the door in the living room, looking out on the balcony. He can stay there.

There has also been some thunderstorms and extremely heavy raining in the last couple of days. But now the sun is shining.

No nephew is here tomorrow… So I can concentrate on cleaning my messy room instead… Not looking forward to it, but it has to be done. And tomorrow I’ll have all day to do it. The ship doesn’t come until 11 pm and I’ll probably be sleeping then. But the cat will for sure go nuts when they come home, so I’ll probably wake up anyway.

Kimi Raikkonen is fully recovered! 😀 He can drive as usual this weekend in Hockenheim, Germany. So sad I won’t be able to watch the GP live on Sunday. 😦 I probably have to wait all day and watch the re-run late at night… And I will not be able to do anything on the internet either because then I will for sure see a note on the outcome of the GP somewhere. Oh, well, it’s pretty clear who’s gonna win anyway, either Rosberg or Hamilton. Nico Rosberg has let somebody paint the soccer world cup trophy on top of his helmet. 😀

I’ll quickly wash the dishes now (hate that), then watch an episode or two of Little house on the prairie, season 2, on DVD before going to bed.

Rain, rain, rain and a little more rain…

Man, I am tired of this constant rain today. Alec was here. I took him out to the back yard of the house even if it was pouring down heavily. He needed some fresh air. We both had rain clothes on but no wellington boots.

Around 6 pm (he left to go home at 4 pm today), I went to the library. Again the rain was pouring down like crazy but I still went with rain coat, rain trousers and wellington boots.

I borrowed nine “Little house on the prairie” books. 🙂 Already started reading the first one. Actually, there is eight books in the series, but I borrowed “Farmer boy” too, which I think is the story of the man who Laura married. I had to borrow some books in Swedish, because they didn’t have all the books in English. The first one I’ll read in Swedish.

Made a new Rainbow loom bracelet today. Bird of the paradise I think it is called. Also made a tiny cross, without the loom. Just 15 rubber bands and a crochet hook. 🙂

I might try something else later tonight. It’s already 8.30 pm, but I still have stuff to do before going to bed.

I thought the coughing had become less yesterday, but today it seems to be worse again… I am coughing more and when I cough my throat hurts. Must remember to take some cough medicine before I go to bed.

Started writing a letter today that will be sent to Sweden. 🙂 I might finish it tonight or tomorrow.

Going to go to Lidl tomorrow too, because they have some American stuff I want to try and eat! 😀

Last week I created a photo book with just random photos that I like. My niece and nephews when they were young, the dogs, photos from Helsinki and Turku, poisonous mushrooms, snow, the sky, the Easter bonfire etc. The book came today. 🙂 Not in the mail. I had to go get it from the post office across the street. Well, it’s not exactly a post office. The grocery store has a tiny area where they keep the packages and parcels. They also sell stamps.

I chose 48 pages this time, with the same cover as the previous photo book about Niki. But Niki’s book has 36 pages, so this one is a little more pages. I basically just started from the beginning of the “iPhoto” program were we have over 5000 photos. Then I just took some of my favorite photos and created the book with them. So the photos are in chronological order. I tried to avoid pictures of Niki, since he already got an entire book. 😉 But Niki is in one of the photos, with my niece.

I’d better wash the dishes now, quickly, and then I might read or finish the letter or make something with the rubber bands. Haven’t decided what I’ll do yet. But first, the dishes. 😦

Paper cranes

Finally I am done with all dishes. 🙂 My finger tips are like raisins. 😉

I have now a total of 500 paper cranes! Halfway! 😀 I guess I’ll make a few more while watching Swedish Hollywood wives later tonight.

I invited my niece to come for a visit some day this week. We shall see when she is coming. She has autumn holiday from school on Thursday and Friday, but then she had some plans for the early afternoon. 

It’s very dark outside… It will be lighter when the snow comes. 

It’s very dark in the bathroom too. 😦 The fluorescent lamp tube no longer works. I have to have a flashlight on the sink when I’m in there. But I can’t buy a new one, because there are so many different kinds in the stores around town. And even if I found the right one, I would not be able to change them. 

Soon 8 pm. The Hollywood wives come at 10 pm. So still a couple of hours to wait. 

On my birthday (September 25) grand mum gave me a bouquet of small pink carnations. They have long been very beautiful and it wasn’t until today, three weeks later, that I had to throw them away. 


I finished the school work today. 🙂 Which was lucky, because I noticed today was the deadline… I knew it was October 14, but for some reason I thought October 14 was tomorrow. I struggled a bit with the program we had to use, but I got it in the end.

And I did get the package in the mail!! 😀 It came in a cardboard box, which the cat of course loved! He has enjoyed sleeping in the box which I have put on the floor. But it’s a pretty tight squeeze! 😀 He fills up the entire box!

Mostly I ordered different kinds of papers in different colors. I also ordered some googly eyes for my amigurumis and mum’s crafty projects with her kids, that she looks after at work. 

I found out that the company from which I ordered, had the exact same paper that I made all those paper cranes with! I suppose I bought the first papers from that company many years ago. This new block of papers are not exactly the same shades of colors as the previous ones. But that is okay. I still have a lot of colors on the cranes.

I counted all my paper cranes and came up with 490. Then I counted 510 new sheets of paper so I got up to 1000. There was 700 sheets of paper in the block, so I have a lot of spare ones. 

The strong wind has continued today. It’s also pretty cold. 

Ordered some books from the library today. They will come on Wednesday. I thought they might have come tomorrow, but apparently the main library no longer delivers books to the nearby library on Tuesday. 😦 Of course I could just have gone to the main library today or tomorrow, but it’s free to have them delivered to the nearby library. And there is no rush, as long as I get them this week. I need them for school, because we have to write a scientific article about a subject. I still have a couple of weeks to write the article, so I have plenty of time. But tomorrow I will have to start looking for some information on the Internet and start researching a little. 

I should do the dishes before I go the bed. But I don’t really feel like doing it… Maybe I can wait until tomorrow morning. The plates and glasses don’t have legs, so they can’t run away during the night. 😉