The Walk

Tonight I decided to go to the cinema. I made up my mind pretty late, because it was so rainy and cold earlier in the day and dark as well. The sun goes down early in the afternoon these days. But I made it in time to the cinema before the movie started.

I watched “The Walk” based on a true story, about a French guy walking on a wire between the WTC twin towers. It was really thrilling and funny too. So I am happy that I went to the cinema.

The number of people watching the movie tonight: 1! I was all alone in the cinema! Well, others were watching the James Bond movie in the room next door (I could hear a little from the film while I waited for a guy to let me in), but no one else wanted to watch The Walk. It was kind of fun being alone. No one was bugging me with whispers or opening plastic bags with candies or eating chips.

I will see if I can find the book that the French guy wrote about his adventure. But I don’t think it is in the library. Maybe online. I will for sure search the internet to read about the real guy that walked from one tower to the other.

No rain in the evening, so I was dry when I came home, just in time to watch the final episode for the season of the Swedish Hollywood wives. 🙂 The seasons are always so short though. They could have longer seasons with more episodes.

Better get to bed now. It’s getting late.


Horrible weather :(

It’s dark, stormy, cold, very rainy, very icy streets… No fun. 😦 I am going out with the dog soon. He needs to go out one more time tonight.

But I have a head ache. 😦 The dog didn’t let me sleep much last night. I hope he is kinder this night. May be if he is getting used to the idea that I have to sleep here several nights.

Haven’t been home today at all. Mum and K came here in the morning and drove me to the library and then I took the bus here in the afternoon after work. I didn’t get here until 6.30 pm. Then I took the dog out for a walk, went inside and gave him food. Then I had to go back out in the rain to the grocery store to get some food for me too. I didn’t have a chance to eat until 7.30 pm. By that time I was tired, cold, wet and hungry…

I’ll take a shower tomorrow when I go home for a few hours.

I wish the rain could stop anyway. The dog gets wet and dirty when we are out and then he rubs his back on the carpet to get clean, even if I dry him up a bit with an old towel.

My brother in law posted a picture on Facebook. It was some kind of drink with a lime wedge, all summery and warm it looked with a palm tree in the background… 😦 Wish I was there instead of here! Don’t know what temperatures they have, but at least they have it warmer than I have!


A dark and rainy day. 😦 It rained quite a lot tonight when I went home from work. The snow is melting so the streets are icy, slushy with lots of water. Lucky for me there are two umbrellas at work that can be borrowed if needed. So I took one umbrella. Must remember to return it on Friday.

I have a day off from work tomorrow because I worked last Saturday. And the library is of course closed on January 1st. So I’ll have two days off now. 🙂

January will begin with a week in my sister’s house… The whole family is going away so I have to live there and look after the dog, Albin. I think they leave January 1st and return January 8th.

Now I’ll cross stitch a bookmark and then go to bed.


Rainy, dark, strong winds, cold… 😦 No fun walking to town, looking for a gingerbread house that was sold out in all stores in the center of Vasa! Damn it, we always have a gingerbread house for Christmas (you buy a package of pieces of a house and then “glue” it together with icing or melted sugar) Our last chance is my sister’s family if they go to a market outside of town and find a gingerbread house there. We could also get a house already stacked and decorated, but I will get that only if we really don’t get one to glue and decorate.

Still don’t have any Christmas tree either. I’ll go see if they have one on the local market square on Saturday. Alec wanted to come with me and get the tree, because he did it last year too. He already told my brother he is going with me to get the tree. 🙂

I have the gifts already, most of them. Just need to wrap them.

Tomorrow I am working in the main library from 1.30 pm to 8 pm.

Going to take a warm shower now.

Dark and cold

It’s dark and cold outside. Okay, not that cold. -2 C at the moment. But it was cold sitting in the living room with the door to the balcony open! (The cat always wants to get some fresh air a couple of times a day. Usually he sits inside the door when it’s cold outside.) And it’s only 6 am, so of course it’s dark outside. 😉

I’m a little sad when I got an e-mail from an online book store. 😦 “A gift from Bob” by James Bowen is sold out! When I ordered it, it didn’t say that. I don’t know where they get their books from, but I hope they soon get more Bob books. Because I want to read about Bob!!! That’s the book I was most looking forward to! 😦

The book was released only some days ago and it’s already sold out on the online book store… Well, I guess they didn’t realize that probably thousands of people are waiting for the book. Bowen’s books about Bob has sold more than a million copies!

I think I’ll take the bus to work today. Don’t really look forward to taking the bicycle…

But first I’ll watch the last part of a movie that I couldn’t finish watching last night. I borrowed a DVD from the library, so I can return it today. I had to stop watching the movie, because Swedish Hollywood wives came on TV. 🙂

Gingerbread dough :)

There’s a lovely smell of gingerbread dough in the apartment! 😀 But it’s just the dough that’s cooking on the stove. Then it has to be in the refrigerator over the night, until tomorrow when we are going to bake them. 

I have done two school assignments today, a total of 7 pages! Still a couple of more assignments before Christmas.

Soon I’ll watch Kitchen Boss and two episodes of Cake Boss on TLC. 🙂

The winds are strong (windows are moving and rumbling) and it’s raining. 😦 It has been a dark, rainy day… I hope it will get colder soon so the snow can come back before Christmas.

Sauna tonight

I am confused with the whole Kimi-Lotus thing right now… 😦 Kimi said today that he has been paid NOTHING all year! Boullier said in Japan that Kimi had been paid something but confessed today that they still owe him money. Kimi said he considered dropping out of the Abu Dhabi GP but Lopez convinced him to come and race. Boullier said he is certain Kimi will finish all three remaining races, Kimi is not sure he will be driving in the USA and Brazil. Boullier said everything is fine, Kimi is smiling… Kimi certainly didn’t smile at all during the interviews. And apparently they communicated via lawyers earlier this week. Who is lying and what are they lying about?

If Kimi decides to end his season after Abu Dhabi, I am not blaming him. I totally understand him. Kimi said he has to draw a line somewhere. If they can’t agree on the money issue and other issues, well, may be it’s better for Kimi to stay home and focus on next year with Ferrari.

Oh well, we’ll see what he says later this weekend. He was pretty good in the practice sessions today. 🙂 

I went to the sauna tonight. 🙂 Haven’t been in the sauna for months… It was hot! I only stayed in there for about 10 minutes. 

It’s been a cold, rainy, dark day. 😦 Plenty of rain tonight. It would be better and funnier with snow. 

My sister’s 39th birthday is today. We are going to celebrate her and her younger son Rasmus on Sunday. Rasmus turned 11 on Tuesday. 

It’s almost midnight. Time to log off and get some sleep.