Happy Easter!


Happy Easter if you are celebrating Easter! 😀

This is a closeup of my Easter grass. In Finland (and other countries too I guess) it is a tradition to grow grass on a plate or little box. Then you put little chickens in the grass as decoration. I also put some small chocolate eggs in the grass. 🙂

The grass grows pretty quickly, so you have to cut it several times with scissors. Otherwise the chickens/chocolate eggs will disappear among the high grass! 😉

I will eat the little chocolate eggs when I put away the Easter decorations next week.

Here is a picture of a chicken I crocheted freehand (using no instructions) yesterday and today.


Well, it’s late. So Happy Easter once again! 🙂

Crocheted Moomin characters

The last weeks I have spent a great deal of time crocheting Moomin characters. 😀

To read more about the different characters and see more pictures of them, visit my creative blog (link above).

Here is a group picture of the Moomin characters that I decided to crochet.


I am not going to crochet any more of the Moomin characters, even though there are many more of them in the Moominvalley.

Divergent movies

Some days ago I watched Divergent on DVD. Today I watched Insurgent and Allegiant on DVD as well. I have not read the books, so I didn’t know what to expect. Well, I’ve read parts of the first book, but not finished it.

The movies were okay and the story good. But I don’t like long action/war scenes where they shoot each other all the time and make things explode. So I paid less attention to the movies while the action scenes were dragging on for ages…

I am stitching together my African flower hexagon blanket. I have made four rows so far and working on stitching some hexagons together to make the fifth row. I will attach the fifth row to the blanket tomorrow.

It’s taking a lot of time to stitch it together. I tried crocheting first, but it didn’t look good.

I have written quite a lot about the blanket on my creative blog (link up there, where it says About, Gallery etc). So take a look there. You can also read about other things on the creative blog, things that I may not have mentioned here. So do go and read my creative blog. Or just take a little look at it! 😉

Tomorrow I have the knit and crochet café, but since I am not crocheting the blanket, I thought it would be wrong to take it to the class. And I don’t want the hexagons that I spent an hour ironing yesterday, get all wrinkled up again. I have them in neat, flat piles and they will stay that way until I have used all the hexagons.


Lots of crocheting today

I am making good progress on the blanket. 😀 Today I made 60-70 small white circles! (Round 1 of the hexagons) I made some yesterday as well, but most of them I crocheted today. I have a total of 99 circles, the same number of hexagons I have left.

Tomorrow I will start round 2, the round I like the best! Round 1 is the least favorite, so it’s great to have it behind me. No more round 1 for the blanket! 😀

The cough is getting better, but I started coughing bad when I cycled to town with mum early in the day. I will need to take the medicine soon before going to bed. It does seem to work, which is great, because I HATE to take oral cough medicine. Yuk!

Waiting for a documentary on Fukushima to start at 9.30 pm. Still 45 minutes to wait. But I will not crochet any more today… I will do something else instead, may be read.

Autumn market

Today I went to town to look at the autumn market that they had on the market square. They have it tomorrow too. But I didn’t find much of interest. I did go to the market hall and I got I think 10 or 11 herrings for the cat. 🙂 He ate one when I came home. One I put in the refrigerator for tomorrow and the rest I put in the freezer. When I got to the market hall they had a little plastic bag with herrings. They said the fish was from yesterday. And because they didn’t have any other small fish suitable for the cat, I said I could buy the whole bag of herrings. I only paid 1,60 euros for the herrings. 🙂

First I cut off the tail fin and the head. Then I cut the belly open and got rid of bloody, slimy things in the fish’s stomach. Then I got rid of the bones and finally I rinsed it in water to clean it up a bit. It sounds disgusting to write about it and it was disgusting in reality too. Plus my hands still smell of fish! 😦

In the afternoon, around 5 pm, my sister-in-law and nephew Alec came to pick mum and me up. We went to their house and ate tortillas. 🙂

I still have a cough! 😦 It’s getting better, but I still have some. It gets worse when I do something physical, like taking the bicycle to town. It also gets worse when I lay down on the bed, so I will probably wake up a few times tonight too, coughing. But I have the two pillows from the living room cough, so I can put them behind my back and lean against the wall if I need to.

I have these tiny coughing pills that you take three times a day. (I will take one soon). They are tiny, but you have to swallow them with water, because they like to stick to the tongue as soon as you put it there. The pills make it easier to cough up the slimy stuff that’s in the lungs. I do hope the pills work their magic soon, because I am kind of tired to cough. Mum’s got a really bad cold today, so I hope I don’t get those bugs from her now…

I now have a total of 158 African flower hexagons! 😀 I still need to crochet 99 and then I will try to crochet them to a blanket. The previous blanket I sewed together, but this time I am going to try to crochet, because that’s what you are supposed to do.

I am looking forward to Wednesday! 😀 Then I will go on a little trip (like 30 minutes outside of town). I booked a seat in the bus (free) today. We are going to meet the moose Mervi (she is such a beautiful animal!). Then we are going somewhere else too, but I am not sure what it is. We are also going to walk for a bit and have a guide talking about the World Natural Heritage Site. It’s hard to explain now what it is. I will try to explain better next week. It will only take four or five hours in total. I am most looking forward to seeing the moose. 🙂 She is a very special moose! More of her later! 😉

I’ll now take the coughing medicine pill and then I will crochet a few more little white circles (round one) before going to bed.