Glasses, F1 etc.

Last Friday I went to check my sight. At the same time I chose new glasses. πŸ™‚ They will come in about two weeks, so at the end of the month. But they might come sooner too. I will get a text message when I can go and pick them up.

It will be interesting, because I don’t really remember what they look like! πŸ˜€ They had an offer of two glasses for one, so I also chose sun glasses. It’s the first time I will wear sun glasses. The lenses are thicker, so I can use them without the regular glasses. That has always been an issue for me. I can’t use those cheap sun glasses you find in many stores and flea markets. They need to come with thicker lenses so I can see. Of course I had to pay for the lenses of the sun glasses, but the frame was free.

For the first time I had them take pictures of the back of the eyes. I don’t know what it is called in English. But they have a machine that can take pictures of the bottom of the eye, the part that you can’t see. Those pictures turned out to be okay, so they didn’t find anything unusual in those pictures, which is nice to know. Apparently you should take those pictures every second or third year.

I still miss Niki. The house feels so empty without a cat. 😦 It’s the small things you miss the most. Like making whipped cream… Niki always wanted to lick some of the cream. Now I don’t have anyone who licks the whipped cream. I even miss him waking me up during the night, scratching his paws on my door.

I really, really want to have a little kitten! But I have not found anything yet. On Saturdays the local newspaper has ads where people want to sell/buy etc. Sometimes they announce that they have kittens, but not yet. An other free magazine comes out on Wednesdays and they have similar ads, but sadly no kittens there either.

I even have a name for the kitten. πŸ™‚ I just need to find him. There will be kittens born in May. A man has offered us one of the kittens born in May. But May is so far away. It’s only March. And God knows how long the kittens have to stay with their mother. Several weeks. It means I would not get it home until June or July… 😦 So please, God, let me found a kitten in the newspaper ads long before that!

Oh, well… there is nothing to do but to wait. To try and make the days go faster. Sunday really dragged itself through mud. Sunday felt very long.

This weekend the F1 season starts in Australia. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to that. Kimi Raikkonen drives for Ferrari and Valtteri Bottas has moved to Mercedes. It will be interesting to see both drivers.

In memory of Niki

It’s almost a week since March 10, which was a Friday. I have not felt like writing before. Now I will write a little about Niki, my cute cat that passed away that horrible day. 😦


16 years and 11 months. His birthday was March 23. So next week is his 17th birthday. Or was. He may celebrate it in heaven, or wherever his soul is now.

We got the beautiful cat in May 13, 2000. Of course then he was just a little kitten.

I will miss him forever. Pets are like family members, so losing them is very difficult.

It’s hard writing this, even after almost a week since his passing. 😦

Rest in peace, Niki! I love you and will always love you.


Christmas cat

Here are a few pictures of the cat, taken yesterday. πŸ™‚ He was playing with a little soft Santa when mum tried to get it to pose with it… πŸ˜€ He didn’t want to do that.

Later he was sleeping on the couch, looking very comfortable.

I am not even going to bother him with the little Santa hat, because he refuse to wear it more than a few seconds. It’s difficult to get decent pictures of him in the Santa hat. So he doesn’t have to do that this year.

Very soon my sister will come and pick mum and me up, so I must get the herrings ready for the cat now.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all who reads this. πŸ™‚

The cat got his gifts early this morning!

Click on the images to enlarge them.

The cat thought it was fun to play with the new toy. He also liked to attack the pile of wrapping paper! πŸ˜‰

I think it is supposed to look like a crab or crayfish or something. Anyway, an animal living in the sea. I might have to remove the black parts of the eyes, because he might chew on Β them or something when is in a very playful mood.

We will go to my sister’s house in the afternoon, around 1.30 and I guess we will be there most of the day until the evening.

Before we go, we will take a little bag with two herrings out of the freezer, so the cat can eat them as his Christmas dinner when we are gone. I think he will like that. But first they need to get soft again.

Mum is making rice porridge to take to my sister’s house. They always want to eat that after the dinner. I might taste a little bit, but I don’t really want to eat porridge after I have eaten ham and potatoes…

I have made eiskonfekt that I will bring with me. But as usually I made my own version by adding peppermint oil and crushed peppermint candies. I have also baked mint chocolate muffins, so I will take those with me as well. We will drink coffee in the evening when my brother’s family comes too.

My nephew Alec who will be six years in the beginning of January has lost two teeth! πŸ™‚ So it will be fun to see how he looks with two teeth missing!


Decorated the tree :)

I went to the local market square today and bought a Christmas tree! Mum wants a plastic, but I am not willing to get a plastic tree.


As usual we put it in front of the balcony door. So if we need to go out on the balcony, we can do it, but it’s a tight squeeze. So as long as the tree is there, it’s no unnecessary visits to the balcony. That might annoy the cat who likes to sit by the door and get some fresh air.

Here are some close ups of some of the decorations.

We have all sorts of different things in the tree. My favorites are the goat and the tiny Santa, which mum got many years ago. I also like the Santa bauble. We have some candy canes as well. We usually have small chocolates as well, but I haven’t seen any this year. I will have to look for those in the store tomorrow or later in the week and hang them up afterwards. The little yarn Santa was made by my grandmother, who passed away in 2000, so that’s really old. I recognized it as grandmother’s, because it has two dots as a nose, and that’s how grandma used to draw noses. The silver star over the yarn Santa is very glittery. I think we have a few silver and one or two red ones of the star. The last picture shows a very light bauble. I am not sure if it’s paper or papier mache or something like that, but it feels like paper. Definitely not plastic, glass or metal. I do like that bauble.

Before starting on the tree, we had to move a little table with a big plant. It’s now between the computer and the sofa, so there’s a big plant right next to me. We also had to move a few other things and store them elsewhere while the tree is there. The cat’s blanket we threw on the couch while decorating the tree, and it didn’t take long before the cat crawled under it!


He had one or two paws stretched out at all time, but kept his head hidden under the blanket. He looked very comfortable. But when we were done decorating the tree he must have felt too warm, because he left the couch and went somewhere else. πŸ™‚

First snow of the season! :D

Last night it started snowing and it snowed pretty much during the night. πŸ™‚ In other parts of the country there has been lots of snow for several days, but to Vasa it came late. There has been some white on the ground lately, but I would not call it first snow of the season. It was more like frost of the dead leaves and the grass. Now the whole ground is covered.

Of course, it will only last for a few days. They are expecting rain for next week. But it’s still nice with the first snow.

Here are some random pictures I took of the snow. Click on the images to enlarge them.

I got the sun in the eyes when I took pictures in one direction, so I just randomly clicked on the camera. When I took pictures from the other side, with the sun in the back, I could more easily see what I took pictures of.

I got the 2017 calendar yesterday. πŸ™‚ Mum got her on the same day.

My old winter shoes had big holes on the soles. 😦 It was a little slippery to walk to town with the autumn shoes. I always have problems finding shoes. I need children’s size. I went to some shops the other day but didn’t find any. Today I bought these (I borrowed the image from Google…)


I saw them on Wednesday. I didn’t try them on, because I thought they were too childish. They are very common for Finnish kids. But mum said they were for adults too and that she might get a pair for herself. So I tried them on today and they were really comfortable and warm.

It doesn’t look so childish when I put the jeans on top of them. And they are of course very easy to put on. No shoe laces to tie. Just slip the foot in like a rain boot. I can use a pair of knitted socks in them when it’s really cold. πŸ™‚

Finally, a picture of the cat:


He hates the camera and usually walks away when he sees it. Today he was lying in his transport box (his favorite place) and I took this picture of him. I think he looks cute in this picture. I like close ups. In the calendar for 2017 there is an image of the cat’s nose and a few whiskers I think.

Well, I’m going to watch the second free practice session now, from Brazil. F1 that is.

Framed cat! :)


Mum ordered online a larger picture of the cat sitting on the couch. Today I bought a golden frame and hang it up on the wall! πŸ˜€ I had to cut the picture a bit smaller to fit the frame. I think the frame was 18 x 24 cm if I don’t remember wrong. The picture is a little blurry. It was difficult to take a picture of something that has glass on it. In the glass you can see the reflection of something that is on the opposite wall, over my bed. It’s a little shelf with lots of tiny books I have made.


This is a picture of the cat in the transportation box. πŸ™‚ We used to have the box in the large (well, it’s pretty small, but the largest we have) closet. The cat loved spending time in the closet, sleeping in his transportation box. But recently he has refused to sleep there. He would walk in, and be out again in seconds. When we moved the box out; same thing. He could walk into the box and then out seconds later. We didn’t know what was going on. Then mum decided to throw out the pink towel that was in the box and she put in a new pink towel instead. Well, it didn’t take long before the cat was lyingΒ in his box licking his front paws! πŸ˜€ He clearly wanted a new towel in the box. We smelled the old towel, but we could not smell anything odd. So may be the cat smelled something we couldn’t… I don’t know.

Now we have the box in the living room, in a brown wooden furniture. On top we have flower pots and things like that. As you can see, next to the box is a stack of board games and thin books. We had to move the games to the side, but managed to squeeze the box in there. There is actually board games etc. on both sides of the box.

An update on my African flower crochet…


I still only have 11 or 12 finished flowers. That’s because I decided to crochet a whole bunch of white small circles. Then I added the second layer, to all of them. Now I am doing the third layer to all of them. Still have, as you can see, a few more purple ones that need a second, dark pink layer. After that I will do the fourth layer, the little stripe around the flower. And then I will go back to white for all of them. I find it easier to crochet this way. And I can work with one yarn for a longer time. I don’t have to constantly change to an other yarn. Now I only have a dark pink yarn on the bed and the other yarns is tucked away in a plastic bag. When I’m done with these, I think I will have 45 pieces, or something like that. I might continue this method after these are done too.

Tonight I am going to the Finnish theater in town. They have the opening of the season. They will show a few minutes of coming shows, have some music, interviews etc.