Update on the cat

Just a little update on how it’s going with the kitten in the house. 🙂

She has a ton of energy! But then she can also sleep for hours at a time, when the energy is gone and she needs to recharge the batteries.

You never know what she will do… Here is a funny picture of her inside the washing machine!


She had climbed up on some wet clothes hanging to dry next to the machine, and then jumped down when the lid was opened. I do have it closed now, but I think the washing machine might start smelling at some point if you leave the lid closed all the time and it’s moist inside the machine.

Here she is on a little piece of furniture in the living room. She is not allowed to be there, because she can knock down the plants (which we moved there because she knocked down the plants when they were elsewhere in the house). But she kindly sat there, so I took a picture of her before moving her to the floor. She sits next to a framed picture of my cat Niki who sadly passed away in March (in case you didn’t know).


She has grown quite a lot. You don’t notice it so much when you see her every day, until you look at the first pictures of when she arrived here.

When I am sitting by the desk in the living room, doing things on the computer, she sometimes likes to lay down and sleep, between my chest and my arm. When she does that I cannot do much writing on the keyboard, so I usually watch something on YouTube while she sleeps on my arm.

She gave a big yawn at one point when I was taking pictures of her! 😀

Here she has put her toy (a star with a bouncy ball inside), in the drinking water! She likes to move her toys to her food cups (luckily she doesn’t put them in the food!) or the kitty litter box.


She is funny and I do love her. But sometimes, when she has too much energy, she can get on my nerves a bit! And you have to be careful what she does, so she doesn’t break stuff or burn her paws on the stove. Because she likes to jump from the kitchen table to the sink and then walk over to the stove. No, she is not supposed to do that. But you need only turn your head around for a few seconds, and there she is…

I find it very hard to do creative things with her in the house… :/ If I want to make a jigsaw puzzle, she is all over the place, trying to chase the pieces. I wanted to knit some socks, but that was impossible since she immediately starting going after the yarn, trying to bite it. Same with the cross stitching. She jumps on the paper with the pattern and she grabs at the thread with her paws. I close the door to my room but she is soon there, meowing and begging to come in (unless she is sleeping). So I usually have to wait to do creative things until she is sleeping. 🙂

Also she likes to be close to you. At the moment I am alone with her, because mum will be in Sweden for several weeks. I was working three days this week and when I came home she would come running up to me and start purring. She likes to purr a lot.

Finally here is a picture from a few hours ago. She lay on my chest, with her head up against my chin, and she purred a lot then too. Her whiskers tickled my face! 😀


I was very hungry, but I decided to wait until she wanted to move away from me, until I went to the kitchen to prepare some food.

I know she will calm down when she get older. It’s a phase she is going through. Kittens are full of life, curious and energetic. 🙂 And they are the best animals in the world, according to me. Nothing better than coming home from work and finding a purring cat that comes running against you, welcoming you home.