F1 season starts soon!

Just a few more weeks (4 weeks) until the start of the F1 season! 😀

Today I made sure I will have the TV channel to watch F1. 🙂 They will turn on the TV channel from March 1st, so I don’t have it yet. But next week I will.

I don’t really care what the cars look like. I know some fans are upset that this year’s cars has a shark fin on the back (at least some teams have it)! And they are complaining about the ugly nose of the car. But for me what matters more is how fast they are on the circuits.

I hope Ferrari will be able to win races this year (and especially Kimi Räikkönen of course!).  It will be interesting to see how Valtteri Bottas does in the Mercedes. 🙂 For sure it will be difficult at first with a new team, and Hamilton as a team mate. But I’m sure he’ll do fine, if Mercedes delivers a winning car. At least some podiums I expect from Bottas this year.

This year I am not going to see any GPs live, like I did last year. I’ll watch everything on the  TV. It will be fun to watch the Austrian GP on TV, because I will be able to see the scenes that I saw in reality last summer! May be they will show the seat or the section where I sat! And I will remember the F1 village if they show it on TV.



Cross stitch picture


Lately I have been cross stitching this picture from the February 2017 issue of CrossStitcher magazine. 😀

Today I bought a frame and framed it. I will keep it on the drawers where my TV is, so it will not hang on the wall. It has a piece of cardboard on the back so it can stand on a table.

It was fun and easy to cross stitch. No backstitches, only cross stitches. I used threads and fabric that I could find at home, so the colors are not exactly as they were in the magazine.

Reflections in the glass makes the color changes on the fabric. So there are no stains on the fabric.


My first smart phone

I have got my first smart phone. IPhone SE. 🙂 I think the color is called rose gold. It’s a little pink.

Mum got one too in the same color. I bought mine earlier in the week, and yesterday I went and got mum’s phone. Luckily there was a different guy in the store then. He was really kind. 🙂 When I got my phone there was an arrogant man that really made me irritated. My God! I work with customers too (when I work…). I would never treat customers like that.

Oh, well… There’s a lot to learn. Apps, which I have never had before, obviously. I have Instagram now, and so does mum. I have only posted two pictures, but I have started to follow some people, mostly relatives and local companies. I also have Candy Crush saga. I have been playing it on mum’s Facebook (we are on level 1398). It’s fun playing the first levels. I am on level 70 now.

This weekend my sister’s family will probably come and my nephew Rasmus will help us a little. He will change the plastic on the screen etc. I also have to ask him about the volume, because I can hardly hear anything when I am on the phone with someone else. I’m sure it’s just the volume that needs to be adjusted.

One problem is that we don’t know how to, or even if it is possible, to move all the contacts from the old phone to the new phone. It may not be possible. Then all the contacts are lost and we have to find the phone numbers etc. somewhere else. 😦

Crocheted Moomin characters

The last weeks I have spent a great deal of time crocheting Moomin characters. 😀

To read more about the different characters and see more pictures of them, visit my creative blog (link above).

Here is a group picture of the Moomin characters that I decided to crochet.


I am not going to crochet any more of the Moomin characters, even though there are many more of them in the Moominvalley.