Movie night

So, today I went to the cinema and watched Swiss Army Man. You know, the farting corpse movie… 😀

I don’t read reviews, because I want to go to the cinema not expecting anything. I knew of course what was going on in the movie, because I had watched/read interviews with Radcliffe.

Anyway, I did like the movie. It was funny and the two guys were cute together. Both Radcliffe and Dano were really good. I enjoyed the movie. Go see it in a cinema near you if you haven’t already done it! 🙂

I was laughing at some scenes or something that Manny (Radcliffe) and Hank (Dano) said. And it takes a lot before I actually laugh. So that is saying something.

Will get the DVD when it comes out. Now, if Street Cat Bob would come to the cinema too, that would be awesome… But still nothing about the movie on the cinema’s website, so I doubt it’s coming. I just have to wait for that DVD too to come.

Icy windows!

The last few days it has been very cold, -15 C to -20 C. When it gets so cold, the windows in our house gets ice crystals on them. Today I decided to take some pictures of the windows in the kitchen, mum’s bedroom and the balcony door. They do look quite beautiful. First the kitchen window:

Here’s from mum’s bedroom:

And finally the balcony door, which is completely ice!


You can’t look through the door! Sometimes, if it has been very cold for longer periods of time, you will not be able to open the balcony door at all.

Weird, but the living room window has no ice crystals at all. And my window has only a little amount.

We might throw out the Christmas tree later today. I will for sure put away my Christmas decorations that I have in the room.