Decorated the tree :)

I went to the local market square today and bought a Christmas tree! Mum wants a plastic, but I am not willing to get a plastic tree.


As usual we put it in front of the balcony door. So if we need to go out on the balcony, we can do it, but it’s a tight squeeze. So as long as the tree is there, it’s no unnecessary visits to the balcony. That might annoy the cat who likes to sit by the door and get some fresh air.

Here are some close ups of some of the decorations.

We have all sorts of different things in the tree. My favorites are the goat and the tiny Santa, which mum got many years ago. I also like the Santa bauble. We have some candy canes as well. We usually have small chocolates as well, but I haven’t seen any this year. I will have to look for those in the store tomorrow or later in the week and hang them up afterwards. The little yarn Santa was made by my grandmother, who passed away in 2000, so that’s really old. I recognized it as grandmother’s, because it has two dots as a nose, and that’s how grandma used to draw noses. The silver star over the yarn Santa is very glittery. I think we have a few silver and one or two red ones of the star. The last picture shows a very light bauble. I am not sure if it’s paper or papier mache or something like that, but it feels like paper. Definitely not plastic, glass or metal. I do like that bauble.

Before starting on the tree, we had to move a little table with a big plant. It’s now between the computer and the sofa, so there’s a big plant right next to me. We also had to move a few other things and store them elsewhere while the tree is there. The cat’s blanket we threw on the couch while decorating the tree, and it didn’t take long before the cat crawled under it!


He had one or two paws stretched out at all time, but kept his head hidden under the blanket. He looked very comfortable. But when we were done decorating the tree he must have felt too warm, because he left the couch and went somewhere else. 🙂


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