Congrats to Nico! :D

Tears of happiness yesterday when Nico Rosberg won his first ever F1 world championship! 😀 He so deserves it! He’s been fighting hard for it. Even he had difficulties not to cry on the podium and in the interviews afterwords.

Nico and Keke Rosberg is now the second father/son pair to win the championship. Keke won 1982 and Nico 2016. 🙂 That’s 34 years between the championships. The other father/son pair is Graham and Damon Hill. Don’t remember when they won. But Graham died when Damon was quite young, so he didn’t know that Damon would win the championship. Last night Keke watched the race in Dubai and later came to the circuit to celebrate with Nico when he won. Nico’s mum and wife were also there to celebrate.

So now the season is over… :/ No more F1 races until March I guess. Several months to wait.


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