Very wet snow

I went to the beading class tonight. But when I went there, it was raining and the winds were strong. So it was no fun riding the bicycle. As I went home, there were lots of very wet snow. I had to walk with the bicycle, because the snow on the streets was really soft and slushy.

Got a new lamp in the ceiling today. 🙂 There was something wrong with the previous lamp which I got from my sister’s mother-in-law when she died a few years ago. The light bulbs went one after the other, although they should last for a very long time. My brother-in-law said it was something from with the lamp.

So I went to town the other day (Wednesday) and got a similar lamp. It’s like a glass plate upside down with three light bulbs inside. My brother came to fasten it to the ceiling today when I was at the beading class. It was a bright light in my room when I got home. The last week I had only one of three light bulbs burning in the old lamp, so it was quite dark in the room.

It’s getting late, but I am no tired at all. I might watch an episode of Numb3rs on DVD.


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