Congrats to Nico! :D

Tears of happiness yesterday when Nico Rosberg won his first ever F1 world championship! 😀 He so deserves it! He’s been fighting hard for it. Even he had difficulties not to cry on the podium and in the interviews afterwords.

Nico and Keke Rosberg is now the second father/son pair to win the championship. Keke won 1982 and Nico 2016. 🙂 That’s 34 years between the championships. The other father/son pair is Graham and Damon Hill. Don’t remember when they won. But Graham died when Damon was quite young, so he didn’t know that Damon would win the championship. Last night Keke watched the race in Dubai and later came to the circuit to celebrate with Nico when he won. Nico’s mum and wife were also there to celebrate.

So now the season is over… :/ No more F1 races until March I guess. Several months to wait.

Very wet snow

I went to the beading class tonight. But when I went there, it was raining and the winds were strong. So it was no fun riding the bicycle. As I went home, there were lots of very wet snow. I had to walk with the bicycle, because the snow on the streets was really soft and slushy.

Got a new lamp in the ceiling today. 🙂 There was something wrong with the previous lamp which I got from my sister’s mother-in-law when she died a few years ago. The light bulbs went one after the other, although they should last for a very long time. My brother-in-law said it was something from with the lamp.

So I went to town the other day (Wednesday) and got a similar lamp. It’s like a glass plate upside down with three light bulbs inside. My brother came to fasten it to the ceiling today when I was at the beading class. It was a bright light in my room when I got home. The last week I had only one of three light bulbs burning in the old lamp, so it was quite dark in the room.

It’s getting late, but I am no tired at all. I might watch an episode of Numb3rs on DVD.

First snow of the season! :D

Last night it started snowing and it snowed pretty much during the night. 🙂 In other parts of the country there has been lots of snow for several days, but to Vasa it came late. There has been some white on the ground lately, but I would not call it first snow of the season. It was more like frost of the dead leaves and the grass. Now the whole ground is covered.

Of course, it will only last for a few days. They are expecting rain for next week. But it’s still nice with the first snow.

Here are some random pictures I took of the snow. Click on the images to enlarge them.

I got the sun in the eyes when I took pictures in one direction, so I just randomly clicked on the camera. When I took pictures from the other side, with the sun in the back, I could more easily see what I took pictures of.

I got the 2017 calendar yesterday. 🙂 Mum got her on the same day.

My old winter shoes had big holes on the soles. 😦 It was a little slippery to walk to town with the autumn shoes. I always have problems finding shoes. I need children’s size. I went to some shops the other day but didn’t find any. Today I bought these (I borrowed the image from Google…)


I saw them on Wednesday. I didn’t try them on, because I thought they were too childish. They are very common for Finnish kids. But mum said they were for adults too and that she might get a pair for herself. So I tried them on today and they were really comfortable and warm.

It doesn’t look so childish when I put the jeans on top of them. And they are of course very easy to put on. No shoe laces to tie. Just slip the foot in like a rain boot. I can use a pair of knitted socks in them when it’s really cold. 🙂

Finally, a picture of the cat:


He hates the camera and usually walks away when he sees it. Today he was lying in his transport box (his favorite place) and I took this picture of him. I think he looks cute in this picture. I like close ups. In the calendar for 2017 there is an image of the cat’s nose and a few whiskers I think.

Well, I’m going to watch the second free practice session now, from Brazil. F1 that is.

Knitted mittens

These are the first pair of mittens I have knitted! 😀 I did the first mitten a few days ago and today I started and finished the right hand mitten.

They are OK, but far from perfect. I had no previous experience of knitting mittens. I used a description that I printed out on the Internet. The yarn is the same kind of yarn I use for my socks, and the color changes automatically. I will use them during warmer days or when I am briefly outside, because I don’t think they will be so warm when the wind blows through them.

Today I’ve also ordered next years wall calendar with my own pictures. 🙂 This year’s calendar (2016) has only pictures of the cat, but 2017 I want all kinds of pictures. I chose pictures of the cat, the dogs, the sky, the moose, Austria etc… It took quite a long time to choose all the pictures and decide which month to put them on.

Well, it’s getting late and I am really tired. So I am going to bed now.