Looking after the dogs

I have been looking after my brother’s dogs this weekend. I still am. I will go there in the afternoon (may be around four or five pm). But I don’t know if I will watch the F1 Gp there or here at home.

I spent the last night at their house, but I don’t have to spend this night at their house, because my brother and his wife are coming home during the night. But if I watch the F1 GP there, I will have to go home with the bicycle late at night, may be 10.30 pm. It takes a while to go with the bike and I should take the dogs out too after the race. If I watch the race at home, it would have to go out with the dogs around 7 pm and that might be too long for them to wait until the owners come home. Well, I guess I will have to watch the race in their house, but I really don’t like the idea of driving a bicycle home that late at night… 😦

My nephew came here on Friday evening and he’ll go home on Monday when my brother comes and get him. But first he will need to sleep as he will drive the car up to Vasa from Helsinki during the night.

Nothing much else going on. My nephew Rasmus turned 14 yesterday, so mum and Alec went there for a birthday party. I had to go to the dogs instead.

It’s been pretty cold, only a few plus degrees. I think they are expecting snow next week. 🙂

Inferno and pizza

Today is the premiere (at least Finnish premiere) of Dan Brown’s Inferno. 🙂 So I went to the cinema to watch it. There was three showings today: 3.30 pm, 6.30 pm and 10.55 pm I think. I decided to go to the first one.

There were me and six (6) others watching, so a total of seven people! Well, it’s better than the time I was alone in the cinema I guess…. :/

The local newspaper wrote a bad review. According to him the movie was c–p. But I thought it was fine. Thrilling. And I love to see Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.

When I first saw that Inferno was coming to the cinema, I check the Internet, because I thought I had completely missed the third movie… Well, they never made The Lost Symbol, because they thought it was so close in theme to National Treasure. 😦 I would have liked to see that book as a movie. The Lost Symbol, I mean.

Anyway, after the cinema I was hungry, so I went to the shopping mall and got a pizza. The movie is partly in Venice and Florence (Italy), so an Italian dish made sense. 😉

Just got home. Mum has gone to my sister’s family for a visit. I’ll continue stitching the blanket. I don’t have much left. I might finish it tomorrow or on Sunday. But I am thinking of making a small border too, so that might take a few days. The blanket is rather big.


I was at the second beading class last night and I made the following bracelet in a technique called zig zag:


I am also knitting a sock (the other sock of the pair is ready) and stitching the hexagons into a blanket. I also make an owl bookmark (cross stitch). So I am doing quite a lot of crafty things at the moment.

It was nice seeing Kimi Räikkönen 3rd in the qualifying today! 🙂 Of course, no points awarded until after the race tomorrow, but he did a good qualifying in any case, what ever happens tomorrow.

It’s a cold wind from the north. 😦 I better put on lots of clothes when I am going into town in a few minutes. I want to see what’s going on on the market square. They are going to have a big manifestation for the local hospital. Thousands of people are expected, but with the wind, I am not sure how many will actually go.

Divergent movies

Some days ago I watched Divergent on DVD. Today I watched Insurgent and Allegiant on DVD as well. I have not read the books, so I didn’t know what to expect. Well, I’ve read parts of the first book, but not finished it.

The movies were okay and the story good. But I don’t like long action/war scenes where they shoot each other all the time and make things explode. So I paid less attention to the movies while the action scenes were dragging on for ages…

I am stitching together my African flower hexagon blanket. I have made four rows so far and working on stitching some hexagons together to make the fifth row. I will attach the fifth row to the blanket tomorrow.

It’s taking a lot of time to stitch it together. I tried crocheting first, but it didn’t look good.

I have written quite a lot about the blanket on my creative blog (link up there, where it says About, Gallery etc). So take a look there. You can also read about other things on the creative blog, things that I may not have mentioned here. So do go and read my creative blog. Or just take a little look at it! 😉

Tomorrow I have the knit and crochet café, but since I am not crocheting the blanket, I thought it would be wrong to take it to the class. And I don’t want the hexagons that I spent an hour ironing yesterday, get all wrinkled up again. I have them in neat, flat piles and they will stay that way until I have used all the hexagons.