Mervi the Moose

So, today was the little trip I wrote about earlier. A bus full of people (mostly old people…) went to a place where a man takes care of injured wild animals. They are then released to the nature, when they are well enough. One animal that can’t be released to the nature is the moose, that came to the wildlife care when she was one week old. πŸ™‚

Mervi was very curious and came to the fence as soon as she noticed us. She has a large area where she can move around and eat lots of different things. She is 16 months now, born in April 2015. The man called her “a slim teenage girl”. She is around 250 kilos, but will put on another 100 kilos before she is a fully grown moose.

We were allowed to post pictures, but not write the exact location.

Mervi is a beautiful animal. I stroked her snout and the back. We stayed over an hour with the moose and the man, who Mervi looks at like her daddy.

The man visits the moose every day several times and the moose is calm when he sits next to her. Sometimes, when people are allowed to have fireworks, he lays down on the ground and Mervi knows that as long as he is calm, there is nothing to worry about and she lays down next to him.

Before we got to see the moose, we could take a peek at an eagle that has been lead poisoned. 😦 It was unable to fly as it has lost so many feathers on the wings. The man is building a large cage where the eagle can try and fly again and build some muscles. Hopefully it will be released to the nature, but the man thought it could still take months. I didn’t see the eagle more than it’s head, and it was from a distance, as we were not allowed to go too close.

The wildlife care is run on sponsors and the man’s own money. He gets no funding at all from the government or similar. He relies on sponsors that provides food or similar. He has written two books which he sells to raise money. He also has other things that he sells. There is an animal doctor (veterinarian) that comes and checks the animals for free. πŸ™‚ He used to be a banker before starting to take care of the wild animals in 2o05.

After we said good bye to the man and the moose, we went to a place that used to belong to the army. The army had some storage there and moved in 2000. The area was opened to the public in 2001.

We went for a little walk.

Click on the images to make them larger. (Same with images of the moose.) It was beautiful nature. And the weather was good too. Not too sunny, not too cold, no wind…

When we got to the beach, I saw far away on the sea, the passenger ship where my brother works. πŸ™‚ You can see the tiny ship in the background in one of the pictures (with the rock).

It was a little difficult to walk, as there was so many rocks and roots from large trees.

The bus started from the market square at 1 pm and we were back at the same place a little before 5 pm.

I took a lot of pictures, both of the moose and the nature.

Kvarken (Merenkurkku in Finnish) is a UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage Site. Part of the heritage site is on the Swedish side. Kvarken is part of the sea separating Finland from Sweden. We have this phenomenon that the ground is rising from the sea, 8 millimeter every year. It will go on for hundreds of more years. It’s from the last ice age, when the ice pressed down the ground. Once the ice melted, the land started rising again.




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