Disgusting homemade cough “medicine”

I got home from the knit and crochet café tonight and I was coughing like mad. I do that when I have been out bicycling (I wasn’t coughing so much at the class, which was good). Mum is coughing too, but maybe not as much as me.

Her colleague suggested some hot drink that would make the coughing less. According to mum, it helped for her, but I haven’t noticed any big difference on me.

Well, I don’t have the exact recipe, but hot water (boiling), ginger cut to pieces and left in the hot water (in a mug) for some minutes. Then remove the ginger and add some honey.

It burned in my throat when I drank it. But I think I have been coughing more since drinking the disgusting drink… 😦 We’ll see tonight. I think I will take the two pillows from the couch with me and put behind my back when I try to sleep.



2 thoughts on “Disgusting homemade cough “medicine”

    • I do have some orange juice with added vitamin c in it. The cough is better, but not gone. Lots of Finns have or have had a cold that last for a long time and lots of Finns have been coughing for several weeks. It seems that the virus this year doesn’t want to give up!

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