Lots of crocheting today

I am making good progress on the blanket. 😀 Today I made 60-70 small white circles! (Round 1 of the hexagons) I made some yesterday as well, but most of them I crocheted today. I have a total of 99 circles, the same number of hexagons I have left.

Tomorrow I will start round 2, the round I like the best! Round 1 is the least favorite, so it’s great to have it behind me. No more round 1 for the blanket! 😀

The cough is getting better, but I started coughing bad when I cycled to town with mum early in the day. I will need to take the medicine soon before going to bed. It does seem to work, which is great, because I HATE to take oral cough medicine. Yuk!

Waiting for a documentary on Fukushima to start at 9.30 pm. Still 45 minutes to wait. But I will not crochet any more today… I will do something else instead, may be read.


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