I had my first Italian class tonight! 😀 I did learn how to introduce myself (“Mi chiamo Anna e sono finlandese”) and a few other things as well.

It’s gonna be every Tuesday evening, so there will be plenty to learn.

Yesterday I went to the same school, that time for something called “Knit and crochet café”. Basically it’s just crocheting and knitting for almost two and a half hours. The café part of the name was missing yesterday, but the teacher said we could drink coffee or eat a piece of cake or something if we want. May be people will do that next week. There is a little café on the upper floor of the school.

Every time (almost) there will be a little lesson in the beginning of the evening where we learn new techniques or something. Yesterday the teacher showed us 3D granny squares to crochet. She gave us a pattern. I might try it some day. We don’t have to work on the things she shows in the beginning of the evening. Some were knitting socks and other things, some where crocheting. I was working on the African flowers of course.

The beading classes will start September 23, so there’s still a couple of weeks until then.

I have a pretty bad cough. 😦 I am coughing quite a lot. It’s frustrating to sleep and constantly wake up coughing. It’s worse when I lay down on the bed. I will have to try and sit and lean my back against the wall or something. May be put a few pillows behind my back to make it comfortable. I will of course take some cough medicine before going to bed and take a glass of water with me to my room, so I can drink when the throat requires it.

But before I turn off the lights, I will crochet a little. Just have a few more hexagons and then I have completed round 3 of the 50 hexagons I am working on right now. So I can begin with round 4 tomorrow. Round 3 is the round that makes them look like flowers. Round 4 is the thin layer around the flower, and round 5 is the white border that will give them the hexagon shape.

Buena notte! 😉



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