Crochet update


This morning I did a lot of crocheting! 😀 All the grey around the blue flowers and a lot of the dark around the red flowers. Yesterday I didn’t do much, because I cross stitched a lot more.

Later tonight, after I come from a birthday party, I will start crocheting the final white layer to these. I might only finish one or two before going to bed.

It is my brother-in-law who celebrates his birthday today (43 years). At the same time it is actually my sister’s and his 13th wedding anniversary (because they got married on his 30th birthday!).

I am going to town in a while to get him a birthday gift from me and mum. A scarf from the local ice hockey team! He does go to those ice hockey games every now and then, but he has no scarf. So now he will get one. 🙂

So sorry for Kimi Raikkonen. 😦 He had a good chance for the Belgian GP last Sunday (starting third), but he was sandwiched between his team mate Vettel and the young Verstappen in the first corner… He finished 9th I think. It was an angry Iceman giving comments to the press after the race and I do understand him.

Now I’ll cross stitch a little before going to town.



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