African Flower crochet (pictures)

I took some pictures of the flowers I am crocheting. I added a new color combination today, the one with mustard, dark pink and green.

Click on the images if you want to see larger versions of them. I have 11 flowers now. I will make 52 each of the top two colors (in the large picture) and 51 each of the other three. I didn’t crochet during while watching the Olympics this night, because mum woke up too and we watched it in the living room. I spent most of the time on Pinterest. So I didn’t crochet anything.

No medal for Finland in the javelin. Ruuskanen finished 6th… So, just one bronze medal this time. A fiasco! Well, some did their personal best and nation records, so that’s good. But many of the competitors failed big time when they are supposed to do well.

I am actually going to a soccer game tonight! πŸ™‚ The newly built stadium is celebrating the opening today. They have open house and ribbon cutting etc. If the weather allows (which I doubt right now, as it is raining), the soccer ball that is used will be brought to the stadium by parachute jumpers who will land on the grass. I don’t know if they can jump when it’s so cloudy. I hope they do, because it will be interesting to see. But in any case, shortly before the game starts, they will have two male choirs (one Swedish and one Finnish), singing the Finlandia hymn (by Jean Sibelius). Check out the song on Youtube! It’s wonderful!

It will be the first soccer game I am going to. πŸ™‚ Bought the ticket online this morning. It’s the local team VPS that will play against HJK that comes from the capital Helsinki. I have no idea which is the better team, but I hope VPS will win or at least score some goals.

They have been playing in the stadium before and the president has even been there watching a game, but today is the official opening. A while ago they had Tom Jones and other artists performing in the arena.

The game starts at 6.3o pm, but I will be there pretty early. They open the gates at 5.30, so I guess I’ll be there around then.

But before I go, we are eating home made pizza! πŸ˜€ Yummy!

I am going to crochet a little more now. Please comment which color combination your favorite is!



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