I have just watched Eddie the Eagle on DVD. I really love that movie and I hope I will find it in a store so I can watch it over and over again. Sadly the store where I got my DVDs have filed for bankruptcy and the stores are closing down, as I have written before.

No rain today. 🙂 Just some dark clouds, that didn’t produce any rain. And the clouds moved away later in the day.

There’s a place where adults can take classes in lots of different subjects during the year. Each year they give out a catalogue with lots of different classes that they offer. There’s one school in Swedish and one school in Finnish. I have been looking through the catalogue and I found a couple of classes to take this year. Well, they both continue into the spring as well.

One class I will take is about beading, beadwork, whatever you want to call it. Making bracelets, necklaces and other things will small beads. That’s gonna be fun! 😀 I have made bracelets etc in the past, and quite recently, but I will be doing a lot of beading this autumn/winter/spring. Can’t wait to try some of the things I’ve found on Pinterest! The beading class starts September 23rd and will have classes every second Friday.

The second class I am also exited about, of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t take it. It’s Italian for beginners! 😀 The teacher is an Italian and the class will be in Italian/English. I know a few words of Italian but I want to learn more, and I want to learn how to make sentences. Italian is a beautiful language! 🙂 The class starts September 6th and will be every Tuesday.

They also have this thing called a knitting café, where you can take your knitting/crocheting project and work on it while drinking coffee etc. You can go once or every week, or just a few times. I will go September 5th and see how it is. If I like it, I’ll go several times.

Well, I am happy the Olympics are over soon! I have been waking up in the middle of the night several times recently to watch some of the events. This night will be the last event I want to see, the javelin for men. Just one Finn competing in the final, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him. The Olympics have been kind of a fiasco for Finland. Only one bronze medal so far. If Antti Ruuskanen succeeds there might be another medal coming tonight, but I doubt it. I guess I’ll watch the ending ceremony as well. That’s one more night of watching TV…

I do have something to keep me occupied so I don’t fall asleep, though. I am crocheting African Flowers! 😀 I am going to make a blanket using 257 of them! Just started a couple of days ago and have 9 flowers I think. Today I went through my yarns and picked out four color combinations. I’ll show a picture of them tomorrow.

I’d better go to bed now and have the alarm clock waking me up a little before 3 am…

Buena Notte! 😉




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