Snowy white streets

Horrible weather tonight! Around 6.30 pm I started thinking about going to town with the bicycle, because I wanted to rent a movie. I could hear thunder in the distance, but it seemed pretty far away, so I decided to go.

It quickly came straight over me. 😦 It was dark in town and I heard thunder and saw lightnings close by! I rode my bike as fast as I could to the movie rental shop. The first heavy rain drops came as I parked and locked my bike. I quickly went into the shop and started looking for movies.

I decided on “Viktor Frankenstein” and “Eddie the Eagle”. I looked out the window and it poured down like crazy! Soon mum called and asked if I was safe. I was like “What? Why wouldn’t I be?”

She said there had been really bad hail and rain in our part of the town. There were a couple of areas that were flooded and the hail made it look like it had snowed several millimeters.

On my way back to home it had stopped raining but several times I heard the thunder over my head. Again, I rode the bike as quickly as possible. I am not comfortable riding a bicycle while the thunder is rumbling over me. It’s getting hit by a lightning that worries me most. Most of the hail had melted, but there were a couple of areas that were flooded and at one point I had to jump off the bike and walk on the grass next to the road.

During the evening a few more heavy showers came. The flooded areas disappeared as the rain stopped or became less. There are still patches of white hail on the grass.

I watched Viktor Frankenstein tonight. It was okay. I think Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy (is that his last name?) did fantastic jobs portraying Igor and Victor. But the story itself was a little boring. I will watch Eddie the Eagle tomorrow. I have seen that movie in the cinema, so I know it’s good.

As I watched the movie, mum noticed there was no water coming from the taps. We saw two cars parked outside the house, so apparently the flood or the hail caused some issues. Now we have water again. At first it was really brown and yucky. Then it started looking more normal. I can hear some noises in the house, so I guess the guys are still here doing something. Occasionally noises are coming from the pipes in the walls.

Last night I had the alarm clock ringing at 4 am and I watched Usain Bolt get his 8th gold medal in the Olympics! 😀 One more chance tonight when the short relay comes. It starts around 4.30 am early tomorrow morning, but I am not sure I’m going to watch it.

I have been taking care of my sister’s dog last night and this morning. The middle child, Rasmus, competed in his first Finnish Championships for 14-15 year olds! 😀 He is into speed walking (not sure that’s the word, but it’s when they are walking and it looks like they have rubber legs; today in the Olympics they walked 50 kms in the heat!). 4th in his age group (out of four contestants), so no medal. But he improved his personal record by a lot of seconds! He walked 3000 meters. The oldest boy, Jonas, came home from high school (he studies in another town), around 2 pm, so I didn’t have to go there other than early today. I came home 10.30 last night and this morning I went there around 8 am and stayed until 9.30 am.

I’ll go to bed now. I hope the weather starts improving now. We have had so much rain in the last couple of weeks. 😦 A few sunny days, but mostly grey, cold and wet.



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