Wet and cold Night of Arts…

Yesterday was the Night of Arts in Vasa. It celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this year and that’s why they had a cake that was 25 meters long.IMG_0288

The cake was in a tent and they had assembled it as a rectangle, with people standing inside the rectangle, serving people who paid 2 euros. The cake was red velvet and it had some kind of fruity cream inside. The light blue thing on the edge was butter cream I think. The cake was okay, but I didn’t like the butter cream.

Before I ate the cake I went to a place close to home where they have the goats with long horns (I posted pictures of them on Easter). The goats stayed in their little house because it was so rainy. The birds where outside, though, because they didn’t care about the rain. In a near by forest they had the cows with long hair and horns and a family of pigs.

I think the cows and the pigs were only visiting for the day. Behind the goat house they have a little pond with water lilies. They were beautiful flowers. (Click on the images to make them larger).

I also visited the Finnish theater and watched an open rehearsal of a play. I also went to the museum and an area that used to belong to the army. The army moved away many years ago and now the buildings have day care and all sorts of other things. I also went to the orthodox church in town. It is a beautiful church, inside and out. I didn’t take any pictures on the inside.


Outside of the library I saw a cute bookworm! 😀


I am not sure how they created it.

Like I wrote, it was rainy and cold. Less people that usual were out on the streets, but still quite a lot. Especially in the shopping mall and in the library it was very crowded.

I left house at 4.30 pm and returned home around 9 pm, so I stayed out many hours! 🙂 Today I have pretty tired feet…

I was working yesterday and today.



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