Hotel Transylvania

I watched both the movies today! πŸ˜€ Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2. I have borrowed them from the library, but the second part is reserved, so I have to take them back to the library tomorrow.Β Both were good and funny, but I liked the first better.

I have done a lot of crocheting on the African flowers today. πŸ™‚ I think I have completed around 40 so far.

I am tired, so I’ll go to bed now. It’s already past 10 pm.

Crochet update


This morning I did a lot of crocheting! πŸ˜€ All the grey around the blue flowers and a lot of the dark around the red flowers. Yesterday I didn’t do much, because I cross stitched a lot more.

Later tonight, after I come from a birthday party, I will start crocheting the final white layer to these. I might only finish one or two before going to bed.

It is my brother-in-law who celebrates his birthday today (43 years). At the same time it is actually my sister’s and his 13th wedding anniversary (because they got married on his 30th birthday!).

I am going to town in a while to get him a birthday gift from me and mum. A scarf from the local ice hockey team! He does go to those ice hockey games every now and then, but he has no scarf. So now he will get one. πŸ™‚

So sorry for Kimi Raikkonen. 😦 He had a good chance for the Belgian GP last Sunday (starting third), but he was sandwiched between his team mate Vettel and the young Verstappen in the first corner… He finished 9th I think. It was an angry Iceman giving comments to the press after the race and I do understand him.

Now I’ll cross stitch a little before going to town.


A stormy day

A storm that has been named Rauli is working its way through the country… Strong winds, but only a little rain. Thousands of people have lost their electricity, trees have been falling like matches in some parts. I did go to town with the bicycle. On my way home I took some pictures of the storm. Here are some random pictures.

Not much to comment about. Click on the pictures to make them larger.

I also took some pictures of the swan family that lives by the pond. πŸ™‚ The young ones have grown a lot! They are still grey, but much larger than the last time I took pictures of them. I am going to miss the bird family when they fly to a warmer place when it gets too cold to be here…

Again, click the images to make them larger.

Nice to see Kimi 3rd in the qualifying today! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the race tomorrow. Spa-Francorchamps.

Going to crochet now. I hope the storm calms down soon. It’s the end of the summer cottage season, which means people will have fireworks in the evening. Not sure how the fireworks work in high winds. Fly around the sky probably. May be the police will forbid people to have fireworks if it’s too dangerous.

Framed cat! :)


Mum ordered online a larger picture of the cat sitting on the couch. Today I bought a golden frame and hang it up on the wall! πŸ˜€ I had to cut the picture a bit smaller to fit the frame. I think the frame was 18 x 24 cm if I don’t remember wrong. The picture is a little blurry. It was difficult to take a picture of something that has glass on it. In the glass you can see the reflection of something that is on the opposite wall, over my bed. It’s a little shelf with lots of tiny books I have made.


This is a picture of the cat in the transportation box. πŸ™‚ We used to have the box in the large (well, it’s pretty small, but the largest we have) closet. The cat loved spending time in the closet, sleeping in his transportation box. But recently he has refused to sleep there. He would walk in, and be out again in seconds. When we moved the box out; same thing. He could walk into the box and then out seconds later. We didn’t know what was going on. Then mum decided to throw out the pink towel that was in the box and she put in a new pink towel instead. Well, it didn’t take long before the cat was lyingΒ in his box licking his front paws! πŸ˜€ He clearly wanted a new towel in the box. We smelled the old towel, but we could not smell anything odd. So may be the cat smelled something we couldn’t… I don’t know.

Now we have the box in the living room, in a brown wooden furniture. On top we have flower pots and things like that. As you can see, next to the box is a stack of board games and thin books. We had to move the games to the side, but managed to squeeze the box in there. There is actually board games etc. on both sides of the box.

An update on my African flower crochet…


I still only have 11 or 12 finished flowers. That’s because I decided to crochet a whole bunch of white small circles. Then I added the second layer, to all of them. Now I am doing the third layer to all of them. Still have, as you can see, a few more purple ones that need a second, dark pink layer. After that I will do the fourth layer, the little stripe around the flower. And then I will go back to white for all of them. I find it easier to crochet this way. And I can work with one yarn for a longer time. I don’t have to constantly change to an other yarn. Now I only have a dark pink yarn on the bed and the other yarns is tucked away in a plastic bag. When I’m done with these, I think I will have 45 pieces, or something like that. I might continue this method after these are done too.

Tonight I am going to the Finnish theater in town. They have the opening of the season. They will show a few minutes of coming shows, have some music, interviews etc.



African Flower crochet (pictures)

I took some pictures of the flowers I am crocheting. I added a new color combination today, the one with mustard, dark pink and green.

Click on the images if you want to see larger versions of them. I have 11 flowers now. I will make 52 each of the top two colors (in the large picture) and 51 each of the other three. I didn’t crochet during while watching the Olympics this night, because mum woke up too and we watched it in the living room. I spent most of the time on Pinterest. So I didn’t crochet anything.

No medal for Finland in the javelin. Ruuskanen finished 6th… So, just one bronze medal this time. A fiasco! Well, some did their personal best and nation records, so that’s good. But many of the competitors failed big time when they are supposed to do well.

I am actually going to a soccer game tonight! πŸ™‚ The newly built stadium is celebrating the opening today. They have open house and ribbon cutting etc. If the weather allows (which I doubt right now, as it is raining), the soccer ball that is used will be brought to the stadium by parachute jumpers who will land on the grass. I don’t know if they can jump when it’s so cloudy. I hope they do, because it will be interesting to see. But in any case, shortly before the game starts, they will have two male choirs (one Swedish and one Finnish), singing the Finlandia hymn (by Jean Sibelius). Check out the song on Youtube! It’s wonderful!

It will be the first soccer game I am going to. πŸ™‚ Bought the ticket online this morning. It’s the local team VPS that will play against HJK that comes from the capital Helsinki. I have no idea which is the better team, but I hope VPS will win or at least score some goals.

They have been playing in the stadium before and the president has even been there watching a game, but today is the official opening. A while ago they had Tom Jones and other artists performing in the arena.

The game starts at 6.3o pm, but I will be there pretty early. They open the gates at 5.30, so I guess I’ll be there around then.

But before I go, we are eating home made pizza! πŸ˜€ Yummy!

I am going to crochet a little more now. Please comment which color combination your favorite is!



I have just watched Eddie the Eagle on DVD. I really love that movie and I hope I will find it in a store so I can watch it over and over again. Sadly the store where I got my DVDs have filed for bankruptcy and the stores are closing down, as I have written before.

No rain today. πŸ™‚ Just some dark clouds, that didn’t produce any rain. And the clouds moved away later in the day.

There’s a place where adults can take classes in lots of different subjects during the year. Each year they give out a catalogue with lots of different classes that they offer. There’s one school in Swedish and one school in Finnish. I have been looking through the catalogue and I found a couple of classes to take this year. Well, they both continue into the spring as well.

One class I will take is about beading, beadwork, whatever you want to call it. Making bracelets, necklaces and other things will small beads. That’s gonna be fun! πŸ˜€ I have made bracelets etc in the past, and quite recently, but I will be doing a lot of beading this autumn/winter/spring. Can’t wait to try some of the things I’ve found on Pinterest! The beading class starts September 23rd and will have classes every second Friday.

The second class I am also exited about, of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t take it. It’s Italian for beginners! πŸ˜€ The teacher is an Italian and the class will be in Italian/English. I know a few words of Italian but I want to learn more, and I want to learn how to make sentences. Italian is a beautiful language! πŸ™‚ The class starts September 6th and will be every Tuesday.

They also have this thing called a knitting cafΓ©, where you can take your knitting/crocheting project and work on it while drinking coffee etc. You can go once or every week, or just a few times. I will go September 5th and see how it is. If I like it, I’ll go several times.

Well, I am happy the Olympics are over soon! I have been waking up in the middle of the night several times recently to watch some of the events. This night will be the last event I want to see, the javelin for men. Just one Finn competing in the final, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him. The Olympics have been kind of a fiasco for Finland. Only one bronze medal so far. If Antti Ruuskanen succeeds there might be another medal coming tonight, but I doubt it. I guess I’ll watch the ending ceremony as well. That’s one more night of watching TV…

I do have something to keep me occupied so I don’t fall asleep, though. I am crocheting African Flowers! πŸ˜€ I am going to make a blanket using 257 of them! Just started a couple of days ago and have 9 flowers I think. Today I went through my yarns and picked out four color combinations. I’ll show a picture of them tomorrow.

I’d better go to bed now and have the alarm clock waking me up a little before 3 am…

Buena Notte! πŸ˜‰