Birds and thunder

I was cycling to a store today and on my way home I noticed several people watching something. As I rode past them I saw some birds that live in the close by pond. I went home with the groceries, took my camera and went back to the little pond. By that time I was alone. I didn’t want to disturb the birds, so I zoomed in quite a bit. The dad looked a bit angry and carefully watched his surroundings while the little ones were eating in the grass. The mum stayed in the water.

I think there were five little ones, the mum and the dad. The family lives in the pond and I have seen them before when they swim or is up on land. Once I saw them when they walked past the road to the other side of the pond (there’s a bridge between the waters). It was fun to watch them. The dad looked so proud! 😀

A while later, when I watched the F1 qualifying (they are driving in Germany), the weather changed.

Heavy rain and thunder! I also noticed some lightnings. At one point the clouds looked amazing. I tried to take a few pictures of the clouds before they turned all grey. At the moment it seems the thunder has gone to some other part of time. The sun tries to shine through the grey clouds, but is not really successful. I hope the bird family found some cover under trees while the rain was so heavy! 🙂


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