Two dogs and one cat

Last weekend (Friday-Saturday) I took care of my sister’s dog. This weekend (Friday-Sunday) I am taking care of my brother’s dogs. And I still have my old cat to take care of too. 😉

I have to go back and forth with the bicycle. Now I’m at home. I am going to eat dinner now. I’ll go back to the dogs around 8 pm and stay there over the night. I spent last night there too. Good my brother’s family is coming home tomorrow. But I will have to go there tomorrow too once, after I have come home to the cat in the morning.

I don’t like to leave the cat alone during night. He is not used to it. Now it has to be alone two nights in a row. 😦 But he seemed to be fine this morning. I guess he slept all night and didn’t notice that no one was home.

Sadly Kimi Raikkonen was only 14th in the qualifying. 😦 Bad timing. The team should have let him out later, as the track was getting better every second in the end. I also think there were some yellow flags that messed things up. Hopefully lots of things will happen tomorrow, so Kimi can get some decent points.

A warm day. I think they have promised high temperature  several days now. We’ll see about that. They are not always right.

A while ago I bought a footstool from Lidl. It was like an IKEA package, you had to assemble it yourself. But it was easy to do that. All you needed were in the package and it took only a few minutes to assemble it. Now I have painted it blue, an acrylic color called “lagoon”. It’s on the balcony.

Can’t show a picture of it. Mum has the camera in Sweden and will come home on July 31st. I took a picture of the footstool with the mobile phone, but I need a short cable to move the picture from the phone to the computer. Sadly mum took the little cable too… So I can’t upload anything. I will show a picture in August…

Better go eat the dinner now before it cools down too much…


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