Fish for the cat

My bicycle is now at the repair shop. It’s ready tomorrow.

Went to town with mum’s bicycle. Came home with 10 small fishes for the cat. 🙂 I usually never go shop for fish, because fish is disgusting… “Coregonus albula” is the latin name (vendace or European cisco according to Wikipedia). They are pretty small. Borrowed this picture from Wikipedia.


The fish is commonly (dipped in flour I think) fried  in Finland and sold on markets as street food. The Finns call them “muikku”. In Swedish it’s called “siklöja”.

Well, when I got home I cut the head and the tail-fin off the fish. Then I cut the belly open to get rid of the slimy things inside. I also removed the bony spine. Finally I rinsed them in water. The cat was happy to eat one of these. I put one in the refrigerator for tomorrow and  eight I put in the freezer, so he can have some later.

It’s pretty warm and sunny today. Some even wore shorts. I had my jeans on, but I think I need to change into shorter trousers.

They had a market on the market square today (until Wednesday I think). They also have an European market in the area the whole week. They sell food and other things from Italy, France and other European countries. Lots of soap one of them was selling.

I did watch the soccer final last night. Tons of moths or whatever they were! Congratulations to Portugal who won the European Championship! 🙂





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