Bicycle ride :(

I thought I would go for a bicycle ride tonight. It’s sunny and pretty warm. Got pretty far on the round that I usually go on, then all of a sudden I got a flat back tyre. 😦 I hate when that happens! I saw a lot of glass on the streets and tried to avoid them, but I guess I ran over a piece of glass or a sharp rock or something… Had to walk home with the bike from town. So, I guess I’ll have to take the bicycle to a repair shop tomorrow morning.

Kimi was 5th and Vettel 9th today in Silverstone. Not a good day for Ferrari. 😦 They usually have problems when it is cold and rainy, as it was today. Hope they do a better race in Hungary in two weeks. But at least Kimi got more points than Vettel today. 🙂

For dinner I made a steak and garlic potatoes in the oven. The steak had to be in the oven for hours, may be 2 and a half. It was done just before the start of the Silverstone GP.

Mum went to Sweden on Thursday. May be I haven’t written that yet. So it’s just me and the cat the rest of the month. She will come home on July 31st. She starts working August 1st. Always comes home in the last minute…

In a couple of hours I’ll watch the soccer final between France and Portugal.


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