Home Sweet Home

I am back! 😀 Got home around 1.30 am last night. Here are some random pictures from my trip to Austria:

The views were really nice! 🙂 Lots of mountains. Didn’t get close to the Bull on the Red Bull Ring, but I zoomed in on it. I could clearly see it from the seat where I was. I ate a bratwurst while waiting for the qualifying to start. 🙂 My flag waved in the wind. Yesterday (Monday) we went to Vienna (Wien). Our first stop was Schloss Schönbrunn. We only had an hour, so we just walked in the park. Very beautiful! We also visited Stephansdom, the large church. I bought the Ferrari cap, the hearing protectors, and some other small things like bookmarks and postcards. I also bought Mozart-kugeln. I will try them later. 🙂 The flag was handed out free at the track. They wanted us to hold it up while the national anthem played. When folding it like an accordion you could make sounds by slapping it against your palm. The ticket(s) had to be shown on the body the whole time. So they handed out for free the plastic covers and the straps to hang around your neck.

The trip was really good and fun! 😀 We changed our plans a bit. We went to the circuit already on Friday, because it was difficult to find the parking lot. Didn’t get to see the free practice sessions, but we stayed a couple of hours on Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday we went to the circuit in the morning and went back to Graz in the afternoon. Rain both days, but Saturday was also very warm. So the rain made it feel cooler and nicer in the air. On Monday we skipped the vineyard at the lake, and went to Vienna (Wien) to get some more time in the capital.

Nice to see Kimi on the podium! 🙂 Of course, we only watched the ceremony on the big screens but still…

The flying I didn’t really like, especially not the start.






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