Birds and thunder

I was cycling to a store today and on my way home I noticed several people watching something. As I rode past them I saw some birds that live in the close by pond. I went home with the groceries, took my camera and went back to the little pond. By that time I was alone. I didn’t want to disturb the birds, so I zoomed in quite a bit. The dad looked a bit angry and carefully watched his surroundings while the little ones were eating in the grass. The mum stayed in the water.

I think there were five little ones, the mum and the dad. The family lives in the pond and I have seen them before when they swim or is up on land. Once I saw them when they walked past the road to the other side of the pond (there’s a bridge between the waters). It was fun to watch them. The dad looked so proud! 😀

A while later, when I watched the F1 qualifying (they are driving in Germany), the weather changed.

Heavy rain and thunder! I also noticed some lightnings. At one point the clouds looked amazing. I tried to take a few pictures of the clouds before they turned all grey. At the moment it seems the thunder has gone to some other part of time. The sun tries to shine through the grey clouds, but is not really successful. I hope the bird family found some cover under trees while the rain was so heavy! 🙂

New camera!

A company had to close all of its ware houses in the country. It went bankrupt. Sadly it was one of my favorite stores. 😦 Today they began their huge sale to get rid of as much as possible of the goods that are still in the stores.

I went there. Chaotic! Tons of people! I had to wait over an hour in line for the check out. Mum wanted me to get some big towels for when we shower. The ones we use now have been washed hundreds of times. But I always use mine, because I don’t want to use the smaller towels. In the end the towels turned out much cheaper than I expected, which was nice.

When I found the towels I went to the department where they have DVDs, cameras etc. Mum decided to give me a camera for my birthday which is in 2 months! 😀 Well, I paid the camera and the towels of course, but she will give me money for it later. The cameras were 20 % cheaper. I got a grey Canon Ixus 165. It came with a little bag to put it in and a memory card of 8 GB.

They had the cameras locked inside a cupboard. So I had to stand in the line for over an hour, as I wrote. I just kept thinking: Come on, don’t buy the camera that I want! I didn’t know how many they had in stock. So I was happy that I got the camera after all the waiting.

The battery had to charge for a couple of hours, but I got to test the camera in the afternoon. Above is just a few random pictures I took with it. The footstool that I wrote about earlier, which I bought and painted blue after putting in together. The lion is always sitting on the couch in the living room. The cat looked a bit annoyed when I wanted to take pictures of it. 🙂 The orchid is by the kitchen window.

I will test it more later. There seems to be lots of different little things to do with it. I just have to find all the functions. There was a very long guide book to be downloaded on the Internet. It was complicated, and in Finnish too. I didn’t understand everything they wrote.

The apartment smells lovely now. I just baked a banana cake! 😀 It has mushed bananas in it. And it tastes lovely! I will try a piece later in the evening. Right now it’s too hot for me to touch, as I got it out of the oven a minute ago.

I am a little sad that they will release the Harry Potter book on a Sunday! 😦 My local book shop is not open on Sundays. So I have to wait until Monday morning to get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I don’t really know much about the book. I know it’s based on a play and set in the future when Harry is a grown up man. But how will the book be constructed? Is it going to be like a manuscript for a play or will it still be like a regular novel? And why is it called Part I and Part II on the cover? Will there be a Part III in the future? It will be interesting to see on Monday! I can’t wait! 😀

I will work tomorrow and on Friday. 🙂 A librarian is ill, so I’ll work alone in the library she works in.


Two dogs and one cat

Last weekend (Friday-Saturday) I took care of my sister’s dog. This weekend (Friday-Sunday) I am taking care of my brother’s dogs. And I still have my old cat to take care of too. 😉

I have to go back and forth with the bicycle. Now I’m at home. I am going to eat dinner now. I’ll go back to the dogs around 8 pm and stay there over the night. I spent last night there too. Good my brother’s family is coming home tomorrow. But I will have to go there tomorrow too once, after I have come home to the cat in the morning.

I don’t like to leave the cat alone during night. He is not used to it. Now it has to be alone two nights in a row. 😦 But he seemed to be fine this morning. I guess he slept all night and didn’t notice that no one was home.

Sadly Kimi Raikkonen was only 14th in the qualifying. 😦 Bad timing. The team should have let him out later, as the track was getting better every second in the end. I also think there were some yellow flags that messed things up. Hopefully lots of things will happen tomorrow, so Kimi can get some decent points.

A warm day. I think they have promised high temperature  several days now. We’ll see about that. They are not always right.

A while ago I bought a footstool from Lidl. It was like an IKEA package, you had to assemble it yourself. But it was easy to do that. All you needed were in the package and it took only a few minutes to assemble it. Now I have painted it blue, an acrylic color called “lagoon”. It’s on the balcony.

Can’t show a picture of it. Mum has the camera in Sweden and will come home on July 31st. I took a picture of the footstool with the mobile phone, but I need a short cable to move the picture from the phone to the computer. Sadly mum took the little cable too… So I can’t upload anything. I will show a picture in August…

Better go eat the dinner now before it cools down too much…

Rubber snake for the cat

I got my bicycle back and went out for a ride. It took around an hour to go to a huge flea market/outlet shop close to the airport. It was the first time I visited the flea market, although it has been there for quite a long time… They sell both new and old things.

Anyway, they had rubber snakes (pretty short ones). 1 euro each. Got one snake, brown with dark spots, for the cat. He did enjoy playing with the snake when I got home. 🙂 I’ll play with him some more tonight.

I have no camera so I can’t show a picture of it. The camera is in Sweden until the end of the month. I could take a picture with the mobile phone, but they usually get so blurry.

After the flea market I stopped at a gas station/restaurant close by. I had never been there either. So it was two new places for me in the same day. The gas station has been there too for a long time, but I have always just gone passed it. Today I stopped at the restaurant that they have in the same building. I ate a wienerschnitzel with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. The schnitzel was good, but the mashed potatoes were a bit too salty for my taste.

I managed to avoid the dark clouds all the way to the market square in the middle of town. Then it started pouring down like crazy! I ran to a shopping mall and waited there until it almost stopped. Then I quickly rode the bicycle home again. Only my feet got a bit wet and the jeans, but not much else.

Now I am going to take a shower (a warm shower in my bathroom, not a cold shower outside) and after that I need to go to the grocery store. I have no milk, almost no cat food, no yoghurt… I should have gone to the store yesterday but I forgot.

Fish for the cat

My bicycle is now at the repair shop. It’s ready tomorrow.

Went to town with mum’s bicycle. Came home with 10 small fishes for the cat. 🙂 I usually never go shop for fish, because fish is disgusting… “Coregonus albula” is the latin name (vendace or European cisco according to Wikipedia). They are pretty small. Borrowed this picture from Wikipedia.


The fish is commonly (dipped in flour I think) fried  in Finland and sold on markets as street food. The Finns call them “muikku”. In Swedish it’s called “siklöja”.

Well, when I got home I cut the head and the tail-fin off the fish. Then I cut the belly open to get rid of the slimy things inside. I also removed the bony spine. Finally I rinsed them in water. The cat was happy to eat one of these. I put one in the refrigerator for tomorrow and  eight I put in the freezer, so he can have some later.

It’s pretty warm and sunny today. Some even wore shorts. I had my jeans on, but I think I need to change into shorter trousers.

They had a market on the market square today (until Wednesday I think). They also have an European market in the area the whole week. They sell food and other things from Italy, France and other European countries. Lots of soap one of them was selling.

I did watch the soccer final last night. Tons of moths or whatever they were! Congratulations to Portugal who won the European Championship! 🙂




Bicycle ride :(

I thought I would go for a bicycle ride tonight. It’s sunny and pretty warm. Got pretty far on the round that I usually go on, then all of a sudden I got a flat back tyre. 😦 I hate when that happens! I saw a lot of glass on the streets and tried to avoid them, but I guess I ran over a piece of glass or a sharp rock or something… Had to walk home with the bike from town. So, I guess I’ll have to take the bicycle to a repair shop tomorrow morning.

Kimi was 5th and Vettel 9th today in Silverstone. Not a good day for Ferrari. 😦 They usually have problems when it is cold and rainy, as it was today. Hope they do a better race in Hungary in two weeks. But at least Kimi got more points than Vettel today. 🙂

For dinner I made a steak and garlic potatoes in the oven. The steak had to be in the oven for hours, may be 2 and a half. It was done just before the start of the Silverstone GP.

Mum went to Sweden on Thursday. May be I haven’t written that yet. So it’s just me and the cat the rest of the month. She will come home on July 31st. She starts working August 1st. Always comes home in the last minute…

In a couple of hours I’ll watch the soccer final between France and Portugal.

One more year

The best news today was Ferrari’s announcement that Kimi Räikkönen will continue to drive with Ferrari in 2017! 😀

One more year… But I honestly think that 2017 will be his last year in F1. Because he is already 36, so at the end of the next season he will have turned 38. His birthday is in October. He is the oldest driver this year, and for sure next year as well.

This weekend Kimi drives his 100th GP as a Ferrari driver! 😀 Let’s hope he will have a successful 100th GP!