Rainy and cold day

The day has been cold, and pretty stormy, but the worst storm ended last night. The rain just started. Good I made it home before the rain began.

I should have needed winter clothes (it felt like) when I went to town. Good it is Thursday. They always have pea soup and pancake at a café on Thursdays. I felt so cold coming to town, it was nice to eat warm pea soup. 🙂

The other day the cat was waiting for rain, under the kitchen chair. 🙂 He likes to sleep under the kitchen table and other the chairs. He seems to like the carpet that we have there.

Got him some grass to grow. I have never seen the package before. It was a plastic box with a lid. When you got home you should open the lid, stir around the material that was inside (I don’t know, it was like small pellets or something, no soil), and the grass seeds would come up to the surface. Then you poured water on it and put the lid back on. When it has been in a sunny warm place three or four days, the seeds will start growing and you can remove the lid. We’ll see how it turns out and if the cat likes it or not.

Also got some yarn for my third pair of socks. I like to have different socks to choose between. Not the same pair all the time. I now have two pairs that I choose between and they are starting to get well worn. This color is called Parrot. I don’t actually know how the socks will turn out, but it will be interesting to see! 😀


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