Awesome Lions

7 games, 7 victories for the Finnish ice hockey lions!! šŸ˜€ Today Canada lost 0-4 against the Finns. It’s looking good! Denmark in the quarter final on Thursday.

The cat has started to enjoy drinking cold water straight from the tap in the kitchen! šŸ™‚ He has done it a few times now. Today he was sitting on the kitchen table and I saw that he was about to jump to the sink. But I took him in the lap before he jumped and put him in the sink. I told him that he is 16 years old and fragile. I don’t want him to fall and break any legs. The picture is from a previous drinking session.

While watching the Eurovision Song Contest the other day (Saturday night), I crocheted the little cat with a pink dress! šŸ™‚ That way I stayed awake. Otherwise I would surely have fallen asleep. Actually the cat doesn’t have any tail, but there was no tail described in the book (created by Nicki Trench). I gave the cat to my niece Wilma, so I don’t have it anymore. I might make a new one for myself.

It’s getting very late and I am tired. Better sleep now.


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