Gold or silver?? I am not sure I want to watch the final tomorrow between Finland and Canada! :S Scary… Finland has won all the previous games in the tournament and if they lose against Canada in the gold game, they will be extremely disappointed, as will hundreds of thousands of Finns, I imagine…


The other day mum was putting away winter gloves, scarves etc. The cat also wanted to be there, of course… 😉

It’s getting late. Will go to bed now.

Please, Lions, win the last game tomorrow! PLEASE!! You can do it!

Pretty sunny day

My oldest nephew turns 18 years today! 😀 Time flies so quickly… He got himself a nice birthday gift too: the driver’s license! 😀 Now he is allowed to drive a car. In Finland you are allowed to take the test on your 18th birthday. He has been learning to drive for some months now and passed the written exam earlier.

It has been pretty sunny and warm, but at times cloudy and a bit cold too.

They are having a market on the market square today and tomorrow. Lots of people in the town.

No ice hockey today… The semifinal against Russia tomorrow. That might be difficult for the Lions.

Tortillas now, then a movie I think.

Awesome Lions

7 games, 7 victories for the Finnish ice hockey lions!! 😀 Today Canada lost 0-4 against the Finns. It’s looking good! Denmark in the quarter final on Thursday.

The cat has started to enjoy drinking cold water straight from the tap in the kitchen! 🙂 He has done it a few times now. Today he was sitting on the kitchen table and I saw that he was about to jump to the sink. But I took him in the lap before he jumped and put him in the sink. I told him that he is 16 years old and fragile. I don’t want him to fall and break any legs. The picture is from a previous drinking session.

While watching the Eurovision Song Contest the other day (Saturday night), I crocheted the little cat with a pink dress! 🙂 That way I stayed awake. Otherwise I would surely have fallen asleep. Actually the cat doesn’t have any tail, but there was no tail described in the book (created by Nicki Trench). I gave the cat to my niece Wilma, so I don’t have it anymore. I might make a new one for myself.

It’s getting very late and I am tired. Better sleep now.

Hockey Night!!

So fun! 😀 In just a few minutes the Finnish Lions will play their first game against Belarus in the ice hockey world championships!

They are playing in St. Petersburg. Every game is important, because if you don’t win these first games you’ll get a difficult team to play against in quarter final.

Here are my top six favorites in the Finnish team:
– Mikko Koivu (Minnesota Wild)
– Mikael Granlund (Minnesota Wild)
– Leo Komarov (Toronto Maple Leafs)
– Alexander Barkov (Florida Panthers)
– Sebastian Aho (Oulun Kärpät, which is a Finnish team)
– Patrik Laine (Tappara, Finnish champions 2016)

I hope one or more of these scores goals tonight!

UPDATE: 6-2!! 😀

Scores by Patrik Laine (2x), Mikael Granlund (2x), Mikko Koivu (1x) and Antti Pihlström (1x). My favorite guys did great! 😀