Mead and market


I have a pretty bad cough. 😦 I am coughing a lot and my voice is not normal. The throat has been sore, but not so much at the moment. It’s when I cough a lot that the soreness of the throat feels more. Didn’t get much sleep last night, because whenever I laid down my head on the pillow, I would get a tickling sense in my throat and start coughing. So I had to sleep, sitting and leaning my back/head against the wall. That’s not very comfortable. I will take some cough medicine tonight.

We have made some mead tonight! 🙂 Well, it’s not done yet. But the process has been started. Mead is a drink that Finns drink around May 1st. The bucket we make it in was hidden in a kitchen cupboard behind some other stuff, so I had to remove some things first to get to the bucket. I put it aside to put the other stuff back in, turned around and who sits in the bucket? 😀 The bucket was of course washed to get rid of the cat hairs that might have been there.

The bucket is now filled, not with the cat anymore, but with hot water, sugar, brown sugar, lemon juice and lemon peel. Once it has cooled down (probably late tonight), a bottle of beer (0.33 liters) will be added and also a tiny bit of yeast. Tomorrow the glass bottles will be filled with the mead. You add some raisins and a couple of teaspoons of sugar before pouring the mead into the glass bottles. The bottles will then stay in room temperature during the day and placed in the refrigerator in the evening. It will be in the refrigerator for some days (5-7) before it is ready to be tasted. Hopefully it doesn’t have to much yeast in it, because that will make it strong. It’s very difficult to measure a quarter of a teaspoon of yeast!

I will try to take a nap in a while and late tonight (11 pm) I will watch the Finnish U18 ice hockey juniors fight for a place in the World Championship finals! 🙂 So tonight they show the semifinal against the U.S. It might be difficult for the young Finns to win the game, but I am sure they will never give up! They will fight for all the 60 minutes they play. (More minutes if needed.) If they lose the game tonight they will play in the bronze game. The other semi final is between Sweden and Canada, so one of those will meet the Finns in their last game of the world champs. It’s fun to see the young players! They are very talented and have lots of energy.

Today and tomorrow they have the annual big market is a sports arena outside of town. It’s probably 200+ people selling stuff (food, travel, book, garden, etc.), thousands of people crowded in the arena, looking at all the things. They also have several small scenes with performers (artists, authors etc.). Many offer small bits to taste, and most have candies, pens and similar small items that people can have for free. Many lotteries of course, where people can win trips, gift certificates, a newspaper for a year, hotel visits etc. I didn’t buy much, but I got many candies and three pens. Also many magazines and brochures and one postcard, one bookmark… Don’t know how many times I wrote my name/phone number/e-mail on small pieces of paper. I hope I win something. A couple of companies had you guess how many candies were in a jar. In one place you had to guess how much the sand weighed that was in a suitcase… I am not good at guessing those things just by looking at the jars of candy or a suitcase filled with sand.

Well, going to cross stitch a little now before I take a nap. Hope I can sleep better tonight, but I doubt it.



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