Lots of snow came last night and early this morning! April 19th. Well, sometimes we’ve had snow on May 1st, so it’s not very unusual. But everyone thought the winter was gone for this time and many people already changed to summer tires on their cars.

It looked beautiful this morning with so many big snow flakes slowly falling down from the sky. But as I walked to town around 10 am it was already melting. And now it’s probably all gone, at least most of it. It was very slushy and wet on the streets. I did take the camera with me and I took some pictures from the little pond that I see on my way to town.

When I got home from work in the evening I read on the internet that a new royal baby has been born in Sweden! 😀 Congratulations to all Swedes! They just had the press conference at the hospital and Prince Carl Philip told the press it is a little prince that was born. 🙂 So now the king and the queen of Sweden have five grandchildren! Two girls and three boys. The queen is actually in New York, USA, right now and found out about it during a meeting. They talked to the queen shortly before the press conference started.

It’s going to be interested to hear, probably tomorrow, what the name of the little prince is going to be. It is difficult to guess.

Better go to bed now. The cat is sleeping on his blanket on the floor, next to the television. Usually he sleeps on the couch during the night, but he changes position several times, so he will probably jump up on the couch later.


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