Eddie the Eagle

I went to the cinema tonight to watch “Eddie the Eagle”. 😀 It was four people watching the movie tonight, so it was an improvement from last time when I was alone.

It was a good movie; emotional, funny, scary… Everyone thought he was a clown, going to the Olympics (in Calgary 1988) even if he was such bad and the British Olympic Association tried to stop him, but he wanted to fulfill his dreams and worked hard to do it.

It rained pretty much when I went home, so I got wet. 😦 And I got a headache from the loud noises in the cinema. Why do the volume of the movies have to be so loud in a cinema?

I got to see 1/3 of the ice hockey game between Finland and Slovakia. The third period had just started a couple of minutes before I turned on the TV. The game ended 3-2 to Finland, so that was nice. 🙂 It was a practice game, but still…

I’ll see if I can get some sleep now.


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