I got a cold today, like thousands of Finns right now. 😦 Mum has had a cold for days already, now the virus has found me too. The nose has been running and I’ve been sneezing quite a lot. Just a little coughing so far. I must go to work tomorrow though, because I’ll make bracelets with the customers, if they want to…

Boring ice hockey game against Sweden. Finland lost 2-3.

Got 24 bookmarks yesterday. 😀 I ordered two sets of 12 each (birds and butterflies) from an online bookshop. Now I’m covering them with book plastic. Then I will add them to my bookmark collection.

Wrote four Postcrossing postcards today. Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia.

Pretty cold and windy. The temperatures stay around -0 C. Sometimes a few degrees below, sometimes a few degrees above. Almost no snow, pretty icy on the streets, but most of the ice is gone now. Soon I can take the bicycle to town.

I’ll continue with the bookmarks now and wait for X-files! 🙂


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