Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Last night I went to the Finnish theater in town and watched the dress rehearsals of Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf. They always have cheaper tickets on the dress rehearsal even if it is like a regular showing. The premiere was tonight. The play (with the coffee break included) takes 2,5 hours, so it’s pretty long.

The play was really good. I had of course heard about the movie and the play, but I had never read or seen it. Now I have the book in English and I will get the movie in a couple of weeks, because I made a reservation for it at the library.

The cat loves to sleep on the couch at night. Usually he lays down next to mum when she’s watching TV. But when he wants to stretch himself out he always go to the other part of the couch. (The couch is L-shaped).

Better go to bed now. Luckily my cold is almost gone. I just got a very mild version of it. 🙂


I got a cold today, like thousands of Finns right now. 😦 Mum has had a cold for days already, now the virus has found me too. The nose has been running and I’ve been sneezing quite a lot. Just a little coughing so far. I must go to work tomorrow though, because I’ll make bracelets with the customers, if they want to…

Boring ice hockey game against Sweden. Finland lost 2-3.

Got 24 bookmarks yesterday. 😀 I ordered two sets of 12 each (birds and butterflies) from an online bookshop. Now I’m covering them with book plastic. Then I will add them to my bookmark collection.

Wrote four Postcrossing postcards today. Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia.

Pretty cold and windy. The temperatures stay around -0 C. Sometimes a few degrees below, sometimes a few degrees above. Almost no snow, pretty icy on the streets, but most of the ice is gone now. Soon I can take the bicycle to town.

I’ll continue with the bookmarks now and wait for X-files! 🙂

Knitted leg warmers

These are the leg warmers I have been knitting lately. Now both are done. I used the same Novita 7 Brothers yarn as the socks, only this time it has three shades of grey and dark pink. 60 stitches (15 stitches on each knitting needle). They look a bit bulky on the pictures because I wear them on top of the pants. Usually I have them under the pants.