Knitted hand warmers

These are the hand warmers I have been knitting lately. 🙂 The second hand warmer I started knitting on Saturday afternoon and it was done late on Sunday evening when I watched a movie that came on TV. The first one was made a few days before that.

I had no pattern so I didn’t really know how to knit them. The thumb hole was difficult because I had no idea how to knit that first. I read somewhere in a book how to do it.

I am a beginner when it comes to knitting so they are not perfect. But at least they are warm! I used them last night when I was sleeping. I used a yarn called Novita 7 veljestä Nostalgia (Novita is the brand, “7 veljestä” means “7 brothers”, “Nostalgia” means “Nostalgic”). The yarn is commonly used for knitting socks. I used “7 brothers” for my rainbow socks too, but with stripes. This yarn is red/white/black all the time, like marble. I think it’s two parts red, one part white and one part black.

My next knitting project will be leg warmers, but I think I will cross stitch and read books for a few days first. I have another yarn of “7 brothers” but with stripes of other colors. You’ll see a picture when they are done.


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