New year

A new year has begun!

On new year’s eve I worked until 3 pm. Later in the evening I knitted on some socks. I also baked a mud cake which was delicious! 😀 Mum and her friend Kari who is here from Sweden went to the Finnish theater in town and watched a musical.

8.45 pm they showed the black and white TV show “Dinner for one” with Sophie and the butler James. They always show it on new year’s eve. It only takes 15 minutes. Can be found on YouTube too.

Around 9.30 when they were home again, we ate some boiled sausages and potato salad, because that’s a Finnish tradition. Another tradition is to melt horse shoes and throw it in cold water to “predict” the future.

As you can see the cat was relaxed and didn’t care much about the fireworks going on. The first picture was earlier in the evening when mum was at the theater. In the third picture he was sleeping on the couch. That’s one of his favorite things to do. Sleep on the couch next to mum. He is not a “lap cat”. He can sleep next to you but never in your lap. He doesn’t want to be carried around either.

I was tired. I always am tired late at night. So I went to bed around 10.45 pm, had the alarm clock to wake me up around 11.30 pm. At midnight I was laying on my bed, solving a cross word puzzle. Then I went to the kitchen window and watched some fireworks for a few minutes. I was back in bed and sleeping at 00.10 am.

So that was my new year celebrations.


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