Knitted socks


Here are my knitted socks that I have been knitting after Christmas. First I made purple socks for my niece Wilma and then I started on these for myself. They were finished late last night.

I made almost everything myself. ūüôā I kind of understand how to turn the heel, pick up stitches on the sides etc. But I prefer to have mum doing those parts. She also makes the last stitches of the toes, because those are tricky too. But all the rest I have knitted! I wanted them to be the same, so I made sure I started the second sock with the same color as the first sock.

I bought a new ball of yarn today, because mum wants to knit a pair of socks using this same yarn, for Wilma. So Wilma will have two pairs of knitted socks soon.

When mum and Kari visited my nephew Alec they noticed that my sister-in-law also have these rainbow socks. They were knitted by her mother.

Mum has now made socks for my nephew Rasmus, my sister Eva and she is almost done knitting for my nephew Jonas. After that she will start on the second pair for Wilma.

I wore the socks last night. They are warm and comfortable, which is nice, because today it is -11 degrees Celsius! It felt very cold when I visited the library and a few other shops. I walked to town and took the bus home.

I am waiting for the quarter final to start. Finland VS Canada, IIHF World Junior Championships (ice hockey for players under 20 years). They play the tournament in Finland this year and the arena are always sold out when the Finnish “lion cubs” play. I really hope they win today’s game so they can be in top 4 and continue the tournament. The second line (Puluj√§rvi – Laine – Aho) is incredible! When those three players are on the ice magic happens! I think Puluj√§rvi has scored 5 times and gotten 7 assists or something like that. The other two has also scored and gotten assists several times.

But I am sure they will have a difficult game today against team Canada! Because Canada has one of the best ice hockey teams in the world.


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