Long day

It was a long day today. I left the house at 7.20 am and came home again shortly before 9 pm!

First I had work (at another library), then I had to walk 45 minutes to town, eat and go to a course that I had from 6 to 8.30 pm and then walk home.

There was no time going home to eat between work and the course.

It was raining when I walked to town early in the morning. 😦 The snow has started to melt and that makes the streets icy and slippery.

I have been knitting, crocheting and cross stitching quite a lot lately. Will post some pictures when they are done.

Happy Birthday to Robin Räikkönen! 1 year today!! 😀 (Kimi Räikkönen’s son!) Minttu (the mum) posted a picture of the birthday cake. A Ferrari F1 car! 😀

It’s getting late. Better go to bed now. But I have no more work this week. Plenty of time to do be creative with yarns and threads. 😉

Knitted hand warmers

These are the hand warmers I have been knitting lately. 🙂 The second hand warmer I started knitting on Saturday afternoon and it was done late on Sunday evening when I watched a movie that came on TV. The first one was made a few days before that.

I had no pattern so I didn’t really know how to knit them. The thumb hole was difficult because I had no idea how to knit that first. I read somewhere in a book how to do it.

I am a beginner when it comes to knitting so they are not perfect. But at least they are warm! I used them last night when I was sleeping. I used a yarn called Novita 7 veljestä Nostalgia (Novita is the brand, “7 veljestä” means “7 brothers”, “Nostalgia” means “Nostalgic”). The yarn is commonly used for knitting socks. I used “7 brothers” for my rainbow socks too, but with stripes. This yarn is red/white/black all the time, like marble. I think it’s two parts red, one part white and one part black.

My next knitting project will be leg warmers, but I think I will cross stitch and read books for a few days first. I have another yarn of “7 brothers” but with stripes of other colors. You’ll see a picture when they are done.



What a scary game! 3-3 with 6.9 seconds left of the third period! :S But, it only took less than two minutes of the over time before the Finn Kasperi Kapanen scored the 4-3 victory goal!

What a feeling for the juniors to become world champions in Finland, in a sold-out arena, in front of the president himself! The president even came down to the ice and handed out some of the gold medals. 🙂

It’s past midnight. I’d better get some sleep. But no, I am not tired. Not after a game like this!!

Very cold


The cat stretched himself to maximum length last night on the couch! 😀 He didn’t care much about the ice hockey game between USA and Russia that mum and Kari were watching.

I was working when the semifinal between Finland and Sweden was going on, so I didn’t get to see that. But Finland won! And today they play the final against Russia! 😀 Will the young Finns get gold or silver medals?

I’m not gonna miss that game!

Sadly I will miss one of my favorite TV programs of the year. 😦 When the ice hockey game begins, another channel will show the year of the Swedish royal family. It’s a program which shows what the royal Swedish family has done during the year.

It’s so irritating when you have to choose only one of the two! I guess they will have a rerun of the royal show. For sure they have it online too, but usually I can’t watch anything online because I am not living in Sweden. 😦

It’s very cold this morning. -17 C. Soon I have a long walk to town. The bus leaves at 8 am. I start working at 8.30 am.

It was very cold yesterday too. And the following days are also going to be cold.

I have been sneezing and the nose have been running this morning. I read yesterday that a lot of Finns are having colds these days. I guess I’ll get it too.

Knitted socks


Here are my knitted socks that I have been knitting after Christmas. First I made purple socks for my niece Wilma and then I started on these for myself. They were finished late last night.

I made almost everything myself. 🙂 I kind of understand how to turn the heel, pick up stitches on the sides etc. But I prefer to have mum doing those parts. She also makes the last stitches of the toes, because those are tricky too. But all the rest I have knitted! I wanted them to be the same, so I made sure I started the second sock with the same color as the first sock.

I bought a new ball of yarn today, because mum wants to knit a pair of socks using this same yarn, for Wilma. So Wilma will have two pairs of knitted socks soon.

When mum and Kari visited my nephew Alec they noticed that my sister-in-law also have these rainbow socks. They were knitted by her mother.

Mum has now made socks for my nephew Rasmus, my sister Eva and she is almost done knitting for my nephew Jonas. After that she will start on the second pair for Wilma.

I wore the socks last night. They are warm and comfortable, which is nice, because today it is -11 degrees Celsius! It felt very cold when I visited the library and a few other shops. I walked to town and took the bus home.

I am waiting for the quarter final to start. Finland VS Canada, IIHF World Junior Championships (ice hockey for players under 20 years). They play the tournament in Finland this year and the arena are always sold out when the Finnish “lion cubs” play. I really hope they win today’s game so they can be in top 4 and continue the tournament. The second line (Pulujärvi – Laine – Aho) is incredible! When those three players are on the ice magic happens! I think Pulujärvi has scored 5 times and gotten 7 assists or something like that. The other two has also scored and gotten assists several times.

But I am sure they will have a difficult game today against team Canada! Because Canada has one of the best ice hockey teams in the world.

New year

A new year has begun!

On new year’s eve I worked until 3 pm. Later in the evening I knitted on some socks. I also baked a mud cake which was delicious! 😀 Mum and her friend Kari who is here from Sweden went to the Finnish theater in town and watched a musical.

8.45 pm they showed the black and white TV show “Dinner for one” with Sophie and the butler James. They always show it on new year’s eve. It only takes 15 minutes. Can be found on YouTube too.

Around 9.30 when they were home again, we ate some boiled sausages and potato salad, because that’s a Finnish tradition. Another tradition is to melt horse shoes and throw it in cold water to “predict” the future.

As you can see the cat was relaxed and didn’t care much about the fireworks going on. The first picture was earlier in the evening when mum was at the theater. In the third picture he was sleeping on the couch. That’s one of his favorite things to do. Sleep on the couch next to mum. He is not a “lap cat”. He can sleep next to you but never in your lap. He doesn’t want to be carried around either.

I was tired. I always am tired late at night. So I went to bed around 10.45 pm, had the alarm clock to wake me up around 11.30 pm. At midnight I was laying on my bed, solving a cross word puzzle. Then I went to the kitchen window and watched some fireworks for a few minutes. I was back in bed and sleeping at 00.10 am.

So that was my new year celebrations.